Saturday, December 7, 2013

Calling all air signs! How ya feelin?

Whatever you do don't ask an air sign how they are feeling.  Feelings aren't really their mode of transportation.  Air signs live in their heads where ideas, concepts and curiosity live. Its not about feelings for these guys - its all about what they think.

A Gemini's mind is always busy investigating his immediate environment.  You can find him busy shopping for the latest big sale, scouring the local paper for topics of interest, rummaging around the attic for information to quell an infernal curiosity or simply translating a homework assignment into a different language.  There isn't enough information in the world for Gemini's, their curiosity is simply an inborn reflex.  If a Gemini knows you are with holding information it will drive him nuts. He will pick at you as if you were a scab until his curiosity is satisfied.

And if you make him angry enough his evil twin will surface and bite your head off. Often accused for being superficial this sign can't help a penchant for keeping up with appearances. You're not likely to find a Gemini looking like an unmade bed, especially if he knows he'll be facing an audience. Gemini males are notorious for their horrendous tempers.  Gemini females are more than capable of  unleashing their inner evil twin, but in my opinion they can't compare to their male counterparts.  Gemini's get along best with other air signs, like themselves - Libra and Aquarius.  They also are more comfortable with the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

And now for the most charming sign of the zodiac - Libra.  This air sign is the quintessential hostess or the host of the zodiac. They are compelled to keep their world balanced and in harmony. It is no coincidence that this sign is ruled by the planet Venus which rules beauty and love.  All the air signs have one thing in common though, they don't do mushy or gushy.  Rather they enchant like a Libra, seduce with words like a Gemini, or impress you with science like an Aquarius.  Libra's are more comfortable with the idea of love and romance rather than the expression of emotion. A steady diet of air will make the emotional water signs feel emotionally deprived. Libra's are relationship oriented.  They always think in terms of another. Their desire to bring peace and harmony to others is exactly what makes them so accommodating.  When it comes to decision making though Libras can literally become paralyzed. It is not at all  uncommon for a Libra fiance to take forever to walk down the isle. The need for balance always makes them see two possibilities.  But when they finally do decide on a course, they'll run right over their own grandmother to get them there.  

Anyone who's ever had a long term relationship with an Aquarius might have felt a little something like the photo above.  This sign is the friendliest sign of the zodiac but gets a D- in emotional and sensitive. As long as you don't mind living with a person who can be in the same room as you but make you feel as though your the only one in it, have no fear you're probably made for each other. Because of Aquarius' astrological predisposition to detachment this sign is the perfect one for working for humanitarian causes. When it comes to making a difference and working to help humankind, there is tremendous work to be done and emotions are best left at the doorstep. So if you find yourself wondering how you wound up with a friendly iceberg its probably because you love that your Aquarius is helping to make the world a better place.


Richard Gumsley said...

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Thank you Richard,
So glad you enjoyed the blog. Due to an increased work load it has suffered some neglect. You are a reminder to me to make more time for my readers.