Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Makes Earth Signs Tick

Unlike their enthusiastic, impulsive fire sign counterparts, the earth signs tend not to scare the pants off of you with a half cocked style of operating but rather, once inspired, will take a careful cautious approach to the project at hand.  Like their element suggests, natives of this sign have an inborn sense of how to implement an idea in a practical and substantive manner.  For instance, once inspired by an idea, the earthy signs will do all their homework before getting their project off the ground. They have an innate understanding that ideas are a dime a dozen and that bringing that idea to fruition will be the mark of its success. Just to give you star struck readers an analogy: A fire sign person jumps on the brand new motorcycle and takes off like a bat out of hell, whereas the earth sign person takes lessons first.

Fire Approach

Earth Approach

Taurus is the first earth sign.  Taurus is concerned about safety, primarily physical safety.  Known as the landlord of the second house of money it becomes understandable why this sign has a reputation for being, either a tightwad or frugal, depending on your point of view.  To understand this sign you must, understand that physical safety is the key to understanding what makes this sign tick.  Everyone knows that money can't buy you happiness but it sure can come in handy.  Without money it can be difficult to obtain a roof over your head or food to eat.  Without money it can be near impossible to get from point A to point B.  You need gas or a ticket to get there and everyone knows that costs money.  Taureans come into this incarnation knowing this.  Life can be hard without the wampum to purhase the things we need to survive and live comfortably, so before you think of your Taurus boss, parent, or spouse as a tightwad, meditate on why.
Successful Taurus occupations can be anything from a policeman to a diamond merchant.  Two seemingly unrelated careers, but think on this:  Police keep neighborhoods safe, a safe neighborhood makes for valuable real estate and everyone knows, diamonds hold their value for a lifetime.  

Virgo is the second earth sign.  Where Taurus's practical nature was more concentrated and focused in a hoard like style Virgo's style is less concentrated and more flexible.  Virgo takes practical and puts it into work as a way to survive.  Adapting his/her practical nature into a kind of service that can be used to survive.  That's why Virgos have to have a job to work at.  It is a way to survive.  They take their practical skills put them to work and  set up shop.  These are the crafters of the zodiac.  Their work is perfect and precise.  They put up a shingle and perform valuable practical services for people that they need.  And because the work they do is of the finest quality people/clients/customers seek them out. 

Capricorn is the third earth sign.  In this earthy sign the practical nature has evolved into an expert. That is why Capricorns are in positions of authority.  They know how things should be done the right way.  Because Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac is their ruling planet, Capricorns were born knowing what the rules are and they see it as their job to enforce them.  That's why they can drive the rest of the other 11 signs of the zodiac crazy - they tend to boss everybody around.  However, with all due respect, nobody follows the rules better than Caps because they've learned that by following the rules, success inevitably follows.  

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