Tuesday, October 11, 2016


No sign loves a good time more than a Leo; that fiery and proud sign ruled by the Sun.  Leo has been assigned to  the 5th house by the ancients which contains every activity that is pleasurable: Love, children, fun and also speculation. Yes, speculation.  Surprised?  Well believe it or not, lots of people (don't include me)  find a vacation in Las Vegas to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. 

There is a reason the universe gave Leo such a classy home address that has more cachet than Buckingham Palace. Kingly, princely, queenly or whatever noble adjective you want to put in front of it, this proud sign's demeanor can rival a peacock in full plume. 

Don't let even the most demure Leo fool you.  Underneath that quiet exterior lies a lion or lioness prepared to rule its turf.  Make no mistake about it, they always take things personally.  Do you want to know why?  Think about it, if your sign was ruled by the sun it would just be a matter of time, probably around the 3rd grade, when you found out that the everything revolves around the sun.  Wouldn't it be natural to assume that you were the center of the universe.  Make sense?   Sure does to me.  So when it comes down to it, that's why its all about them.  Get used to it.  

They are the kings or queens of the zodiac and they expect the rest of us to respect their elevated station in life.  Leo's always play their station in life to the hilt.  A Leo caretaker will play the role as if he or she were a character in Downton Abbey. A Leo teacher will play the role like an Oscar winner. A Leo boss will be the consummate boss.  As long as you keep genuflecting every time you enter his or her office you will be considered part of the royal court. Insufferable? Arrogant?  A pompous prig? Yeah maybe, but this sign also really loves a good time.

The best time to appreciate a Leo is at a party.  These people really, really party. Don't forget, Leo's also love the theater.  Nothing motivates them more than performing in front of an audience.  Think real life Leo's like Robert DeNiro and Barack Obama.  Now, he really is presidential but he also can let his hair down and have a good time. Did you see him and Seinfeld doing the White House?  I don't think there's ever been a President who's been more willing to share his sense of humor with the people of this country more than he has.

So yes Leo's can be formidable, yes they can be full of themselves but if you had to hire a person to do a job for you, wouldn't you want someone who would take it seriously, do it honorably and with dignity no matter what the position was?  Having been in the position of hiring people more times than I can count, I know I would.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The ever changing Moon is the reason why Cancer gets the stereotypical reputation for being moody.   Cancer's are like those old mood rings that were popular in the 70's. The colors would change according to the emotional state of the wearer. I think of them as akin to hazard lights on a car.  Perhaps the driver suffered a flat tire, engine failure, or more often than not some last minute shopping. The latter being, in my opinion, punishable by jail time.

As the first in line of  the psychic water signs, the others being Scorpio and Pisces, it is no wonder Cancer is the one most susceptible to mood swings.  Cancer's can easily pick up the feelings of those around them as well as the vibrations of the environment. Theys are ruled by the Moon which influences the tides and has eight different phases.  Since, we as humans are made up of approximately 50 to 65% water and the earth is made up of 71% water wouldn't it make sense that the Moon would have some influence on us here on earth, but  especially for those of us born born under its sign?  Is it any wonder this sign goes through so many conflicting feelings?

Because they are ultra-sensitive to the environment this sign is always picking up feelings from all over the place...which makes them super disaster ready.  Ever wonder why those Cancer's always collect things or buy double of everything?  Its because, "just in case."  Of course for those Cancer's giving expression to some of the sign's rather unattractive traits, collecting can morph into a problem like this:

Definitely suffering from misplaced emotions.

On the other hand, Cancer's are very maternal.  Whether a Cancer mom or a Cancer dad, both feel the urge to pull up the kiddies covers to protect them from an evening chill. 

And Cancer's just love gossip, actually they've got it down to an art. I think it has something to do with their memory.  All the water signs have good memories...actually very long memories. So remember not to tell them anything you don't want to get around.

Just like their symbol the crab they are very tenacious and won't let go of anyone or anything that they have set their sights on.  When they feel like an opportunity is a good one, they will follow that feeling all the way to the bank. There are lots of rich Cancer's like Khloe Kardashian, 50Cent, Tom Cruise and Princess Diana. They seem to have a nose for it. 

So concerned are they that there won't be enough to go around in case unexpected guests arrive,  Cancer's continuously load the freezer up with enough food to feed a small country.  Think they don't like surprises?


Next time: Leo

Monday, September 12, 2016


Do you  know why those normally witty, clever, erudite Gemini's have the tendency for turning on you like a rabid dog?  It is because their ruling planet Mercury which has has dominion over the nervous system causes them to suffer mental meltdowns whenever their systems go on overload.

In order to avoid being the object of a Gemini's wrath just follow these golden rules:

  • Never ask a Gemini what is bothering him/her when he/she becomes sullen and mute.
  • Never press for an answer especially when you think you know what the reason is. 
  • In order to escape a Gemini's rage,  leave the room, take a drive or shut the door because the concept of "reasoning" just doesn't exist for a Gemini in a rotten mood.

Now for those of you who've been able to work around this sign's personality disorder,  good for you.  I'm sure you've found that those separate living arrangements have made all the difference.  

I have noticed that there is definitely a  difference  regarding the intensity of behavior in both genders.    Gemini men men exhibit more dramatic Mr. Hyde characteristics than their female counterparts. I think perhaps because it is a male sign and the yang energy is able to more comfortably express itself through a male body.  Females born to a masculine sign are more apt to stifle the anger more easily expressed by their male counterparts. This by no means exempts them from displaying other types of behavior that can be definite give-a-ways like the one here.

So before readers label me a sign-ist , I'd like to share some valuable and interesting words that are associated with the sign.

  • Intelligent
  • Linguist
  • Mimic
  • Curious
  • Writer
  • Dexterous
  • Salesmanship
  • Storyteller
  • Instructor
  • Information
  • Literate

It's not uncommon for twins to be born under this sign.  Think the Winklevoss, Olsen, Barber and Mowry twins.  Although only the famous Olsen twins were actually born when the sun was in Gemini I just thought these photos would make my twin point.  But just as an aside I want to mention that I have three beautiful nieces born under this sign; although not twins but triplets, I would count that as significant, mathematically speaking.  Considering they were all born under the sign of the twins in my mind it should mean that there are six rather than three of them. Anybody still with me on that?   I haven't done any research on the twin/Gemini statistics but I do have a personal case of twins actually born under the sign of Gemini. They weren't human though, they were felines.  That still counts.  I once had two Siamese kittens (boy and girl) born Gemini's and they looked just like this:

No matter how you may interpret this post, please understand, I love this sign particularly because they doubly inspire me to share their never-boring personalities with you.  Stay tuned for Cancer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Marching forward in the parade of zodiac signs, the very physical, practical, and strong-willed sign of Taurus is next on my agenda. 

Jessica Alba was born under this robust and lusty sign. She is by all accounts an impressive representative of the sign whose ruler is the planet Venus. 

Taurus is the celestial landlord of the second house of the zodiac which is where everything of physical value resides. Physical value includes, money, resources, possessions as well as the physical body which is the vehicle we must use to accommodate our desires. Venus, whose reputation for love, beauty and romance is also legendary for conferring  physical beauty to the fortunate individuals born under this sign.  Think Audrey Hepburn or the lovely Andie MacDowell.  Even the most fragile looking of this sign have one thing in common...their strength.  I've yet to meet a man or woman young or old born under this sign who couldn't beat an opponent in an arm wrestle.

Is it any wonder that women and men of outstanding beauty gain an inordinate amount of financial gain for their physical appearance?  This doesn't have to mean physical beauty in the in the typical sense.  It also means that a Taurus, even one born without extraordinary good looks, has an inborn ability and understanding of how to make money.  Charm is always at their disposal; giving them the ability to get them what they want.

Like the other three fixed signs of the zodiac, bulls have a hard time deviating from any activity that is working for them, but none more than Taurus.  "If it ain't broke. Don't fix it"  should  be the official Taurus mantra.  Make no mistake about it, even the most unpredictable Taurus likes to stick with a routine.  An unpredictable Taurus will always do the unpredictable...over and over again, so no matter how innovative they think they are, astute individuals will always be able to anticipate their crazy moves.  Sadam Hussein was an excellent example of an unpredictable/predictable Taurus.  I don't think anyone would disagree with my assessment that he was a paranoid nut case too. (Taureans do have a tendency to be paranoid in case you didn't know.) 

So given the stereotypical activities and interests of this sign such as, banking, accounting, yoga, running, Tai chi, massage, hiking, biking, and tennis,  just to name a few, please reference Miss Alba's extraordinary financial success as a lifestyle products mogul.  The keyword for Taurus is "safe." They are into safety and security in all that they do.  Is it any wonder that her Honest Company promotes non-toxic products for consumers.  Baby products, personal care, and cosmetics are just a few of the items she is successfully making available to her customers so that they can protect themselves from the countless toxic ingredients that have insinuated themselves into our lives. 

So being ruled by the planet Venus, its no surprise that Miss Alba chose a business that promotes and offers toxic free cosmetics and lots of other lotions and potions for the body. Oh, yeah, did I mention how much the second sign of the zodiac loves massages? She certainly is representative of a Taurus who is true to her sign.  In astrology that means she is a sign stereotype, which, I might add is not exactly a bad thing.

Stay tuned for Gemini.

Friday, September 2, 2016


The sign language I am referencing in this post should not be confused with the Department of Transportation or any association related to the hearing impaired. I'm talking language of the celestial kind. Not everybody is an astrologer, but if you know what to look for you're sure to have a few aha moments.  Let's start with the ARIES.

This sign likes being to be where the action is.

Often wrongly labeled an "underachiever", our Aries here is simply demonstrating that he hasn't yet found his passion. 

 An Aries man will always offer his assistance to any damsel in distress.  If the damsel is an Aries she'll expect it .

 There isn't an Aries man on planet earth who is able to resist a woman who plays hard to get.

Until they find "the one" they can act like a real jerk like Mel Gibson did in this movie.

Both sexes make the people around them feel like they're in a race they didn't sign up for...unless they too were also born under the sign of the ram. 

Their naivete can be quite endearing and baffling at the same time. 

Stay tuned for TAURUS.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


My reading this morning was for a Gemini rising like myself  "Wow", I thought. "How lucky could I be? This  reading will almost be like talking to myself."  But it was better than that.  You see, we all know that the more readings you do, the better you get at it because you always learn something new. Well today was one of those days.  I think everybody who is familiar with my work knows that I use Wolfgang Dobereiner's Munich Rhythm Theory system.

As I was preparing for my appointment last night I noticed an aspect that I couldn't quite get a handle on.  It was Uranus conjunct Pluto.  Uranus = extreme sudden change and Pluto=control, power or even something as explosive as a bomb, I just couldn't' grasp or integrate to my satisfaction how my client experienced these two energies.  So I referred to Dobereiner's book Patterns of Experience in the Astrological Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment of Illnesses and found his observations:

"The birth itself is preceded by a delusion or deception:
The mother, in love with someone other than the child's father, must carry and give birth to the child of someone "unloved"

"(In extremely rare cases) the husband or partner is deceived into believing that he is the child's father; the mother suffers from (possibly repressed) feelings of guilt."

"(frequently) the mother feels that she has been deceived in her hopes and ideals by the child's father, and must carry and give birth to the child of a man she (perhaps subconsciously) rejects".

So I asked my client if he could relate to these observations.  He was blown away.  He told me that there was always a question in his mind as to whether he was his father's son.  His father has been dead for many years, and his mother lives in another country. Both mother and son enjoy an open and honest relationship.  He plans to ask his mother about his suspicions on his next visit,

It is not enough to simply read Dobereiner's observations, it is how he breaks down and reaches the kind of conclusions such as the one example I gave here.  It is just one of many why I consider Wolfgang Dobereiner to have been  one of the greatest minds in astrology.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Someone forwarded me an email that was published on the Planet Waves blog.  I found it to be such a fine example of excellent interpretive astrology that I decided I'd step aside today and let readers enjoy it. Please go to:

I chose this photo of Mr. Trump.  Can you guess why?  Hint: Gemini (twins)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Saturn to Earthlings: Get Your Ass in Gear

Ever since it took its final leave from Scorpio back in September 2015, Saturn, AKA the cosmic cop of the zodiac is now visiting the more agile signs of the zodiac.  It took a test drive into the sign of Sagittarius in December of 2014 just to get its feet wet.  Apparently he had some unfinished business and  headed backwards into Scorpio again just before the 2015 summer solstice. After having his fill of sun and fun he passed the baton to Sagittarius. So if you were you born under the sign of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, my sincere condolences to all of you mutable sign earthlings. You've all got to be on your best behavior.  Karma demands it.  We all have to grow into our best selves.  What better way than to listen to the expert Saturn.  Rewards will follow.

If born under the sign of the twins you are probably noticing that you're being called on for every decision, misspoken word, written or otherwise.  Remember that document you innocently signed without looking at the fine print?  Whether signed with a simple Bic or Mont Blanc don't be surprised when that signature comes back to bite you.  Oh, and need I remind you about disagreeable siblings?

Everybody knows Virgo's have an eye for detail, a tendency towards hypochondria, and the urge to clean anywhere people can't see.  Be careful you don't hurt yourself chasing pesky impossible-to-see dust mites. Virgo is the landlord of the sixth house of work, health, pets and daily routines.  It shouldn't be hard for organized and thorough Virgo to second guess that demanding boss, or keep your favorite pet healthy and pest free. Remember the adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Don't skip your regular doctor visits. These areas are highlighted for you until December 2017.

Sagittarius will find the transit of Saturn the most frustrating transit, given the sign's penchant for freedom at all costs.  Freedom without adhering to rules can lead one right out the door and out of a job.  This sign has to remember that not everyone wants to hear the truth.  It's a good idea to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep your opinions to yourself.  Until 2017 that is.  Then you can let her rip!

The sign of Pisces will also find work to be unrewarding or demanding.  It may be difficult to be appreciated during this period while Saturn is making a hard aspect to your sacrificing sun sign. Helping out is is one thing, being taken advantage of is another.  Things will look brighter after Christmas 2017 when all your hard work will be seen as accomplishments for the greater good.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders is Growing on Me

Born under the sign of Virgo it is easy to understand why Bernie Sanders is perceived as a servant of the people.  Virgo's nature is to serve and nobody does it better than this 6th sign of the zodiac.  They are always the first people to want to give a helping hand. The sixth house is Virgo's domain so its easy to understand why he is a supporter of revising the health care system and bringing more job opportunities to the people of the US.  Age has no number when it comes to health care and jobs and education. Bernie is a lifelong  supporter of these these issues and nobody, not even his opponents believe otherwise.  It is no surprise to this astrologer why he is so popular with the younger generation.  They've been hit hard with the status quo and Bernie is giving them hope.

He's a breath of fresh air compared to most of the candidates we've come to expect.   His natal Sun squaring Jupiter can make a person appear to be arrogant, over confident and egocentric.  It is my opinion that in Bernie's case it simply makes him confident in what he believes which is a necessary asset for a candidate for the presidency. Even die hard feminists can't seem to say anything bad about Bernie.  Their only criticism seems to be his lack of experience in foreign affairs.  Granted compared to Hillary's last job assignment that argument seems to be in her favor.  But I remember our current president didn't either.

Bernie's  natal Mercury in a nice trine aspect to Uranus also helps make him a favorite of the millennials.  He's not talking outworn ideas and more of the same.  He's talking their language and the language of progressives. Stay tuned for Hillary.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mercury's Ready to Kick Ass

Finally, Mercury has kicked into high gear.  Get ready to enjoy what it means to be understood by co-workers, family members, neighbors and friends.  Misunderstandings are now a distant memory, and all those boring and unproductive meetings in the board room now have the potential to take off like Wilber and Orville's memorable flight.

Those of you born under the sign of Aries could write a book about all your bizarre escapades during the transit of Uranus in your action seeking sign.  Things have reached a more predictable pace but the rest of you with birthdays after the 18th will find out what it means to expect the unexpected.

If you were born under the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius you can expect a bumpy ride for the first weeks of February.  Mars is the culprit triggering temper tantrums and provocative behaviors.  Unless you are an athlete used to rigorous competition, this month can prove to be a trying time.

Like Aries, all the other Cardinal signs; Cancer, Libra and Capricorn  have had their share of upheavals, losses and new beginnings.  But those born later in their signs, meaning approximately 20 days after their actual birthday still have a while before they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be assured it will come and you all will be ready to build anew.

Ask any one of the Mutable signs how things are going and you'll hear the groans from coast to coast.
Saturn, Mr. Bossy Pants is in control now until December 2017 when it finally moves into the more compatible sign of Capricorn.  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the burn most especially in matters of employment.  Those born before the 2nd of December will  be the first to feel relief from the pressure of authority figures and career concerns.  Those born after will have to keep a stiff upper lip and take their celestial medicine.  Saturn isn't indiscriminate in making his demands. He has very high standards.  While he is around we are asked to measure up or else face the consequences.