Thursday, December 12, 2013


What do the water signs do better than the other nine signs of the zodiac.  If feel, sense and intuit were your answers you were correctomundo. 

Cancer's are ruled by the moon and as the phases of the moon go, so go their emotions...especially when its full.  If you think the moon has an impact on the tides just think what it can do to the average adult human who is made up of approximately 65% of the life giving liquid.  Babies actually average out with more at approximately 75%.  No wonder babies cry a lot.  They are loaded with emotions and no way to verbalize  them.  So Cancer people are feeling people, and how their feelings manifest themselves will  coincide with with the cycles of the moon.  Now you know why your Cancer spouse, child, friend or boss has a reputation for being moody. Cancer's follow their gut.  They make decisions based on how they feel about them.  Not like an air sign who makes decisions based on what he thinks.  Water signs find the air signs to be cold and unfeeling and the fire signs to be self centered. Not all the time mind you - these insights always become  more noticeable when we're having a bad day.

Scopio always carries a pair of shackles...just in case you were thinking of leaving.

They just can't help themselves.  Scorpio's were born in the season when everything living is dying around them.  Its no wonder they feel they need to control the nature of things, they want things to stay as they are, but being the fixed sign that they are, they'll certainly die trying.   The thing they are most afraid of is being alone and losing the things and people they want the most but their controlling ways seem to have a way of  manifesting  the very thing they are most afraid of - abandonment. Scorpio's are not particularly good with Leo's.  In fact I think that would be a match made in hell.   They do seem do do well with Aquarians though and I tend to think its because of the Aquarian's emotionally vacant personae. 

Pisces - feels responsible for the abandonment theme that runs through all the water signs.

This sensitive emotional misunderstood sign is the compassionate healer, artist, musician  of the zodiac.  As kindest sign of the zodiac Pisces identifies with the suffering of humanity.  He identifies with those who are misunderstood because he himself often was born into circumstances in which he experienced what it was like to suffer either personally or as a witness.  The ruling planet Neptune allows Pisces to escape from the harsher realities of life.  Every Pisces has his or her own way of escaping from a world where human suffering is the norm.  The life of an artist is probably the most creative outlet  for a Pisces because of the artists ability to portray the images of emotion on canvas. A mystic would be another example of a Pisces vocation.  Nurses and others who work with the sick and downtrodden is another example.  Their soul's desire is to remove or transcend the material world.  Pisces would do well to steer clear of a Sagittarian unless he wants to be forced to look at the world without his rose colored glasses. 

There is an abandonment issue running throughout all the water signs.  Cancer is always prepared for a disaster because his sensitive nature can always feel an  impending disaster coming on; Scorpio because of his very nature often brings about the abandonment he fears; Pisces the victim feels responsible for the abandonment.

All signs can get along with all signs.  Without differences of outlooks and opinions us humans would never learn.  These examples are what would be expected for ordinary humans interacting on our inevitable bad days and when the differences rear their ugly heads.

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