Sunday, November 17, 2013


Fire signs thrive on excitement - without it they become unmotivated and uninspired.  Snip the un's off these adjectives, and rather than evoking images of a black and white world, suddenly like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we're not in Kansas anymore.   These signs love life and aim to live it to the fullest.  They are constantly in search of that elusive spark that will ignite the fire within.  There is no thinking involved in the process, fire signs will fly like moths to a flame to whatever that thing, thought, idea or person is that makes them feel alive.  Think energizer bunny.

Each sign has his/her style of operating.  Take Aries for example:  People born under this sign need action whether it be running, knitting, singing or dancing, however, they will not participate in  any activity unless they know that they're gonna do it better than anyone else. Now, when that spark in them ignites, suddenly it's lights, camera  action.  These rams and ram-ettes become so focused on what they are doing and how they are measuring up with the competition, that they don't realize they're making the people around them feel like the horse that never left the gate.

Then there is his/her Royal Highness Leo:
As the earth revolves around the Sun, so everything revolves around Leos.  They are comfortable taking center stage - doing their sign proud. Whether they are accountants, actors, salesmen or garbage collectors. This sign will perform their role with an academy award winning performance.  Just never cross them - or it will be off with your head.

And the last of the fire trio - Sagittarius
The intellectuals of the zodiac, or know-it-all's, depending of course on your astrological point of view.  They live in the world where big ideas live and half of them are right out of this world - which is why Sag's are also the eccentrics of the zodiac.  Ideas turn them on and the bigger the better. That's why they need someone with their feet on the ground to put rocks in their pockets, because you see, all Sagittarians have one thing in common - they all have both feet planted firmly in mid-air

SECRET: All three of these signs are pretty self-centered.  While they can be fun and interesting and overflowing with enthusiasm, just remember most of the time its all about them.  Don't expect these three musketeers to be overly interested in you, unless of course you don't mind the world revolving around them.

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