Saturday, October 5, 2013

Countries Have Horoscopes Too

Astrologers have been at odds about the time of the USA's birthday since July 4th, 1776.   Most astrologers use a horoscope drawn up by a guy named Ebenezer Sibly  Reportedly he was member of the  Freemasons who are as everybody knows, a worldwide networking organization replete with secret handshakes,  an exceptional skill working with concrete and more importantly, a lodge to hold their meetings.  Sort of like AA.  But I digress.

There is another rogue horoscope for the birth of our nation  which was drawn up for a different time of day  on this famous date.  All I have to hear is that there are two factions warring amongst themselves about an event that happened hundreds of years before they were even born, and the actual witnesses are all dead, then I know it is time for me to literally and figuratively leave the building.  Trying to find out what happened hundreds of years ago without any pictures or witnesses, is like a dog chasing it's tail - it becomes an exercise in futility.

My indecisive Moon in Libra always sees two sides of a story. I like to stay away from anything that can't really be substantiated.  I'm like Judge Judy, until Mr. Sibly, Ben Franklin and all those guys with with their fancy quills come back from the dead and call me on my cell to confirm Sibly's work, I'll just remain on the fence.

In order to avoid deciding what chart to use in order to predict what might be going on in DC I've decided to keep it simple and use today's transits and place them over one of the 1776 charts. It doesn't matter which one because I'm only looking for obvious hard aspects which should be pretty easy.

One glaring aspect hits me like a ton of bricks and it involves Pluto

On July 4th ,1776 sun was the sign of Cancer.  The sun in astrology is very important.  It represents the life force it indicates the horoscope's purpose.  In the case of a person's chart it would be interpreted as his/her purpose.  When it is a chart of a particular event it will represent the event's purpose. In other words the sun points the way to how other planets in the horoscope integrate.  Pluto is the big fat bully, terminator and control freak of the zodiac.  His job is to get rid of things that have become old, outdated and useless.  He moves slow but is as committed to seek and destroy for the greater good (usually).  But it never really feels like that while he's going through the process.  Pluto is traveling at a speed that will make it very obvious and hard to ignore that country will be pushed into facing real economic troubles by early 2014.  Pluto will be forcing himself on our country's  protective and nurturing life giving Cancer sun.  Pluto rules big money and powerful people.  He's on his way to try to blackmail his way into doing things his way.  Isn't it interesting watching what's going on in Washingon?  I'd say its just the tip of the ice burg. The gangsta's are coming and their taking hostages.  And most of them need health care.

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