Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feeling Moody? Maybe You're a Cancer

Back from back from Napa and back to NYC.  All in all a great trip.  San Francisco, Mill Valley, Napa, nothing bad to say.  I mean come on.  Good food, family, great weather and most of all family... it couldn't have been better.  I'm not going to belabor the subject.  I've been away too long and want to take a look at what is going on up in the heavens.  The moon has been busy adjusting to its position in Cancer which started on Friday.  Wondering why you've been busying yourself with matters revolving around family, food household and real estate matters?

For all you Cancerians out there, this lunar position will validate why you have been focused on things like stocking up on things you need to sustain yourself

and even things you really don't.  Like this Oreo dunking spoon.

You see you Cancer people are especially sensitive to the influence of the moon.  If you are one of those OCD collector-hoarder-type Cancer's, the transiting moon could make you feel like you don't have enough stuff so you could find yourself scouring flea markets from here to the moon just to get some more.

If you are just a regular every day kind of Cancer your friends might think you remind them of this guy.

"Know thyself"  I don't know who said this but I like it.  So if you know you are a Cancer and find you don't have enough room in your house or apartment to move around in remember, once a month, just like clockwork, you will begin to get the urge to stock up, shop, feel like something bad is going to happen, or just have a good old fashioned meltdown.  Be prepared and keep your eye on the sky.  When you see the moon waxing its way towards you...keep away from the refrigerator, flea markets, and unnecessary shopping establishments-especially Costco.

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