Saturday, September 7, 2013

Have a Peaceful Weekend

The moon is in the sign of Libra for a couple of days.  The Moon in Libra is an accommodating position.  Libra likes to keep the peace.  This sign is famous for being "nice".  Anyone born on a day when the moon was in Libra will have a reputation for being plain easy to get a long with.  Inherent in their personality is a need to keep the peace.  And as the adage goes, "as above so below."  Since the Moon represents the  the rythmic flow of activity in the world at large circumstances in the world should reflect issues revolving around peacekeeping.  Its no wonder we are reading about major world players not wanting to engage in the Syria's mess.

Libra has a reputation for being kind considerate and doing the socially acceptable.  On the other hand  it is notoriously indecisive because of its ability to see both sides of a situation.  Its venusian nature just can't stand injustice or to watch innocent people suffer. 

Libra is a cardinal sign which means it will take action when it finally makes up its mind. Which way it takes action is anybody's guess, but its interesting that an inordinate number of generals are born under the sign of Libra.  Why?  Their job is to keep the peace.  How they go about it is another thing altogether.

This way...

or this way....

So what does this mean in the scheme of things?  Well the nature of the  planets, including the Moon and are reflected by the circumstances going on all over the globe.  Do we take action in Syria or not?  That is what is being played out right now.  Its not fun to watch. 

After this weekend the Moon will move into the sign of Scorpio.  Stay tuned.

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