Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

What better way than to google a collection of pictures in varying styles that depict the placement of where the moon is right now.  Our moody satellite is in now in the sign of Cancer, the sign that conjures up images of the mother principle - and the moon has an affinity for this sensitive and emotional sign.  In astrology the moon rules women, liquids (like milk and other beverages), food, crops, fertility, midwives, well you get the idea. So its no wonder I came up with the idea of posting pictures that represent the mother principle.  I decided to pay equal homage to all different types of women who conjure up the idea of mummy.

I just love Jerry Hall's kinda rock and roll/voguey fashion "Efyou, pregnancy is not gonna make me lose my sexiness", mom photo shoot.

Then that iconic photo that empowered pregnant women everywhere. (except maybe in certain places in the middle east, Williamsburg Brooklyn and rural Quaker villages)

And of course only a Capricorn mom-to-be could make being pregnant the ultimate in respectability and good taste.

 And last but not least a photo that dares to expose the real truth...........

At least that was my experience.

Until this...the ultimate reward, mommydom.

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