Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm Back...Kinda

Its been just about two years since my last post.  During that time I was given two warnings about my less than stellar performance in a job that wasn't really a good fit for me.

I won't bore you with the details, but I'm sure an approaching Jupiter transit had something to do with the writing job that was offered to me just when I thought I'd be another statistic on the unemployment line.  
Ever since my good fortune I have been writing a shit load of stuff. I write interesting copy that makes interesting people sound even more interesting, All day and every day, day in and day out.
I'm not complaining mind you.  But I've been doing all this with the kind of of transits that belong in a hospital.  In fact I did wind up in an emergency room recently with celulitis caused by a tooth infection (Neptune rules infections) which required a brain scan. Celulitis by the way travels so quickly it could have killed me. It didn't. All it took was an IV loaded with enough antibiotics to make bacteria obsolete. I'll spare you the details.  But just to give you an idea, if I was of a child bearing age there wouldn't be a chance in hell that I could ever conceive anything resembling a human

And then Lyme disease heard that I was under a Neptune transit and it decided to send a tick by express bus into my blood stream.  Another round of Neptunian anitbiotics for a month, not only killed the Lyme disease but every bit of friendly bacteria that used to live in my intestinal tract.  I haven't been the same since.
All during this time, although, alive and mobile my energy tank was on empty.  Listless, disinterested in anything, and most alarming I barely had enough energy to move.  After a number of tests I was sent to a rheumatologist.  Next stop - physical therapy.  And wouldn't you know, Jupiter was generous enough to put me to work in an office building where a physical therapy office was just one door away from my office.

Seven months later, I am almost back to normal.  My physical therapist gave me my exercises to do at home (my insurance welcome over) and finally I can get back to my first love - astrology.
Now you all know where I've been and just in time.  Google sent me a warning message: BLOG OR GET OFF THE POT.  Or something to that effect. Neptune is still within earshot and I'll be careful to lock my doors, park in lighted areas, not take any offers to buy the Brooklyn Bridge and keep a can of insect repellant within arms reach. 

I'll be lecturing this fall, giving readings and of course at my desk nine to five writing about important people. So I'm back stronger than ever, but thanks to Neptune...kinda.


Stella Maris said...

That's a lucky story given the content. Lyme DIsease can disable for a decade so you. Are indeed smiled upon by Fortuna. And ...welcome back.


I know. Thanks for the welcome. Its much appreciated.