Monday, September 12, 2011

Mars Return: A Time to Start Anew

When I was born Mars was in the sign of Leo. I'm on the brink of a Mars return. Mars returns signal the initiation of a new project or activity.

By tracking your Mars returns you can get an idea of how well or how difficult your chosen project will go. Mars is your action indicator and it returns to it's natal position every 22 1/2 months. Consider the first conjuction as the planning stage of your project. When the transit of Mars approaches it's first square to your natal Mars you should be well on your way to bringing your plan to fruition. If there are problems with your plan at the time of the opposition the problems will become obvious. If by the next square the problems are still obvious it is an indication that the plan may not have been a good one or well thought out from the get go.

It is interesting that my Mars is located in the third house. I have always done work involved with communications. A month ago I started a new job in the field of communications. My initial training is just about over and I am well on my way to doing my Mars in the third house. My work in astrology also requires my talent for counseling, writing and lecturing.

After experiencing many Mars returns I find this one to be one of my best.


Mandy said...

Very interesting, thank you. I am also about to have my Mars return in Leo (7th house) on the 13th October.
I've been transitioning from a 25 year career to a new one. In 2008 I went to college for Graphic Design. During the course I wondered why I was there, the description of a 9-5 job in the industry sounded terribly filled with stress. I concluded that GD would be a tool for me to do something else.
22.5 months before this coming return I got a good entry level job with an Art Centre. It became more administration than GD so I left it this spring.
Over the last two years I have also dipped my toes into photography and writing. I have now determined that I am going to pool Graphic Design, photography and writing to be my new career! I'm so excited!! Sure enough, when the next square hits (April 2012) is when I had determined to have my first book published.
Best of luck to us both!


Here's to a terrific return. It sounds like a really good one.
I'm wishing you lots and lots of Jupiter (publishing) assists too.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, good job done man! keep it up...nice blog, good job done man! keep it up...