Thursday, August 4, 2011


I realize that I have written many posts about the influence of Neptune and this latest post might be considered by some to be somewhat redundant. So in the event you are one of the lucky few who are not allergic to it's influence and always are able to walk a straight line towards your destination which, simply being a resident of the planet earth, I very much doubt, you can stop reading right now. Even without challenging aspects from Neptune in your chart, based on the law of probabilities you should count on the fact that one day you will be getting a transit of this celestial ducker and weaver of the zodiac who has the ability to make a veteran sailor feel like he's lost his rudder.

The purpose of this post is to provide an antidote for the victims of Neptune's most debilitating influence. I know, I know it sounds like I am being negative regarding this planetary I'm just being realistic. Unless you are either walking on water or living in a cloistered community chances are you could be seduced by a wolf in sheeps clothing or simply be asleep at the wheel literally or figuratively. Remember danger can even be lurking behind the convincing stage of religiosity. Let us not forget Lucifer was once an angel.

The antidote lies in using your common sense...for instance if someone is offering you something for nothing in a business deal nothing will be the result. Birds of a feather usually stick together so if you find yourself in the company of substance abusers, scammers and sneaks get thee out the door. Lending money to people who haven't proven their worth usually isn't a good idea but under Neptune it is never a good idea.

Are you susceptible to being scammed, hoodwinked, screwed, bamboozled, or cheated? Take a look at your natal horoscope to find out where Neptune landed when you were born for a slice of clarity.

House 1: Wear a face mask of yourself so people remember who you are.
House 2: Remember Bernie Madoff.
House 3: Hire a translator.
House 4: Message to all seaside dwellers: Build a seawall!
House 5: Use contraceptives; love fades; babies are forever.
House 6: Always wash your hands.
House 7: Have your spouse wear a face mask so you can remember who he/she is.
House 8: Do you use sex as an escape?
House 9: Check that Guru's credentials.
House 10: If you're career isn't Jacques Cousteau or Mozart related it better be legit.
House 11: If your friends are smoking or doping get new ones.
House 12: If you are smoking or doping get into a program.


Anonymous said...

Like it - the list. Checked out my progressed and SR Neptune too.
I've got Saturn coming off my Mercury 1st and approaching my Neptune 2nd. Plus when Neptune goes direct, he'll be transiting my 6th Pisces (12th house Sun) so any and all info about the ol' seafarer is heartily welcome. TY.


Let's just keep wearing our life vests!