Monday, August 1, 2011

More on Amy Winehouse

A shout out to the person who sent me the birth data for Amy Winehouse! I very much appreciated it. Amy was born September 14th, 1983 at 10:25PM in Southgate, England which gives Amy a Gemini ascendant.

From this point of view we can see that Amy's first impulse was to communicate. Her Mercury and Sun in the fifth house are sure indications that she had a special talent that had to be given expression and she did it perfectly through her voice and words. I sat in awe listening to her unique and perfect rendition of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" on YouTube the other day...poor Amy such a loss.

Her Moon in the seventh house would give her the ability to make an impression on others as well as be effected by the emotions and feelings of those around her. For an addictive personality like Amy this was a dangerous location for the Moon especially if she was associating with the wrong people. Was she responding to her own impressions or picking up psychic impressions of those around her?

In my opinion it's always a challenge to be clear headed even without the tendency toward substance abuse when the Moon in the seventh house. The Moon in Capricorn requires that the feelings be regulated or restrained but in this case restraint was on the off switch and Neptune in the seventh house compounded the problem. Neptune in the seventh house is like wearing the wrong eyeglass prescription. It is just plain difficult to see clearly.

Amy had a passionate and demonstrative nature with her Venus and Mars in the dramatic sign of Leo. While watching some of her performances she often gave a shout out to her Dad. From all appearances Amy loved her dad. All in all Venus and Mars in the fourth house indicates that Amy inherited a passionate and impulsive love nature which may have been a little uncomfortable for a Virgo to carry off. Amy was probably more discriminating regarding the object of her affections than we realize.

It appears, to this astrologer that Amy began to experience a transit of Pluto to her natal moon as early as 2008. Pluto would have begun it's transit bringing along with it all sorts of unsavory characters. Pluto is an addictive energy. The fact that Amy's passing happened when the Moon was around 5 degrees of Capricorn is an indication that she never was able to get over her addiction. Her natal Pluto at zero Capricorn was getting hit for years and even though it started to leave the conjunction to her Moon she was never able to kick the habit. Not a good sign.

To make matters worse she had begun to experience the first conjunction of Uranus to her Moon back in 2010 which certainly made it difficult for Amy to be able to conform to a disciplined way of life. Uranus is hard to tame. I'm curious about November 2009 when Saturn decided to visit Amy's Moon as well as the period when Saturn was conjuncting her fifth house planets back in 2009. What it does look like is one big roller coaster ride that Amy was unable to get off of.

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