Monday, August 15, 2011

Compassion: Message from Moon in Pisces

Today the Moon in Pisces is a reminder for us all to cast aside our preconceived opinions and judgements about others as well as ourselves and to remember that we are all one with the unified whole. I am afraid that I am just as guilty as the next person of forgetting that my sole purpose is to appreciate others differences and limitations and to show compassion and love for my fellow man.

With what is happening in the world it becomes easier to forget. As we watch Pluto in Capricorn bringing down irresponsible masters of the universe on Wall Street and power greedy world leaders who have forgotten that they are not above spiritual law get their due, it should be a reminder to us all especially during these most difficult times that there is such a thing as payback.

The power of the media also makes it hard for us to keep focused on what is really important. It isn't the Kardashians, the Oscars, best dressed lists or any other hot topic dreamed up by spin doctors. The media is making gazillions of dollars to distract us from what is really important and is getting very rich in the process.

Keep watching Pluto. Pluto will destroy that which is of no longer any use. An economy based on greed and unfairness is sure not to survive. Uranus demands change and does it suddenly without warning, and Neptune makes it difficult to see it coming.

We are living in challenging times. Pluto wants us to clean up our act and can be merciless in how he forces us to do it. Uranus will give us a way out if we use our ingenuity. And Neptune will give us the ability to keep the dream alive.

It's time to build upon better dreams.

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