Friday, August 19, 2011

Born Under a Mercury Retrograde

A lot has changed since I began studying astrology over thirty years ago. Back in the day the only people who understood the term "Mercury Retrograde" were astrologers. Things are very different today. It always makes me smile when I'm in a place non-astrology related and I hear someone mention the dreaded Mercury retrograde. Often when this happens I am in a public place amongst strangers. No matter how tempted I get, I hold my tongue for fear of getting in a long involved conversation which has the potential to turn into a free reading. If the temptation becomes too great and I do submit it can only result in a real life Mercury retrograde period for me because it will cause me to, just like a retrograde, make me slow down, go backwards leaving from where I was headed just to share tidbits of information about the ruler of commerce and conversation. The result of such an action on my part could possibly result in getting late to an appointment or missing a train. So of course I don't.

I must admit though astrology has come away and is given more respect than years back. I can actually attest to the fact during medical consults physicians have actually honored without the wisecracks, my reasons for requesting a different date for a medical procedure rather than the one available in their appointment book.

I found that a cosmetic procedure seemed to go on and on having to return to make a wrong right because the retrograde period was the only time I could address the issue. Don't ever accept a medical opinion on a Mercury retrograde. Unless you enjoy making multiple doctor visits and getting second opinions I'd wait for any medical opinions after the retro was over.

It seems I'm cursed as far as Mercury is concerned because whenever I have important papers to sign, procedures to be done, or decisions to be made the planet Mercury is always moving backwards and I can say this happens to me almost 85% of the time.

I was told by a famous astrologer at the beginning of my studies that Mercury retro periods would never bother me since my ruling planet is Mercury and it was retrograde when I was born. I must admit most of the time these periods rarely concern me.

Anyone care to share?


msfullroller said...

I have Mercury retrograde in Pisces so I definitely can relate, operating in the same way you guys tell us to during a retrograde period but on a 24/7/365 time frame.


Best way I've ever heard it explained. Ever.