Monday, August 29, 2011

Second Saturn Return

I was asked by a friend who is going through her second Saturn return to explain more about the celestial taskmaster's message.

A good way to get a bead on Saturn's personality is to look at a picture of the planet itself. Saturn is a ringed planet. It is quite awesome to see through a telescope. The first time I got a view of it through a telescope I was stunned. We are so far away from it that we never really get to see that it looks exactly like some high school science project rendering of its image. When I got a look at it for the first time it was hard to believe that something so beautiful hung suspended like some Christmas tree ornament so close to planet earth's neighborhood.

Saturn's rings represent boundaries. Staying within Saturn's bounds is like playing by the rules. When we go beyond the rules of Saturn thinking we can outwit the law or engage in any kind of behavior that ignores consequences we will be reminded of the fact again and again that karma exists. For every action there is a by the rules and you will avoid unnecessary reprimands, traffic tickets, and DWI fines, as well as pesky paternity suits. Think of Saturn as your cosmic conscience.

Think of life before the age of 29 as a rehearsal or trial run. After 29 when you have gone through Saturn's maturation cycle you should be experienced enough to take your show on the road and engage in the game of life respectably and with consideration. By this time most people know from experience that driving over the speed limit can result in traffic tickets or worse. Hangovers come under the category of Saturn and anyone who has indulged in one two many knows exactly what I mean.

There are lots of examples of life before Saturn return lessons e.i., stupid boyfriends/girl friends, cheating on exams, lying to cover up indiscretions, indulging in vengeful acts, and just plain old inexperience. The list is endless. Indulging in inappropriate behavior as well as not feeling empowered before 29 is normally due to immaturity and often chalked off as such, however after the age of 29 you are supposed to have used up your excuses. It is a time for a clean slate. It is now showtime!

A normal healthy person will experience two Saturn returns. The second occurring around the age of 59 years of age. This is the age when we are expected to reap the benefits of having living an ordered and structured life. The second Saturn return can also be for some, a time when the chickens come home to roost especially if the life you have been leading since after 29 has been one of wrong choices.

I describe myself as an eternal optimist with a realistic view of life. Life is not ever perfect. If this is your second Saturn return and life is not a perfect flowerbed just remember you are still the gardener of your life. If your garden is a mass of weeds don't allow yourself to think that they will take over your entire yard. Even though your tools are rusty...just take them out of the shed. You'll see they still work.

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