Friday, July 15, 2011

Sign Compatibility: Is There Actually Such a Thing?

The general public is always interested in what sign they are compatible with. In fact I hear this question more times than I can count. Apparently astrology curious people want to know so I will list some uncomplicated basics in sign compatibility.

First off, remember we are only talking sun signs here. Sun signs represent how a person views his or her world and I'm not including the Moon or the rest of the planets or I will blogging till the cows come home on this subject.

Getting back to my original point that since the Sun represents a person's point of view it stands to reason that sun sign compatibility has the potential to keep personality conflicts to a minimum. Here are the basics: Fire and air signs are compatible. Earth and water signs are compatible. I think of fire and air signed people as the kids of the zodiac and the earth and water signs as the grown ups.

Generally speaking fire signs are self centered and enthusiastic about life. This is not to say that the other signs are not but fire signs thrive on excitement a lot more than earth and water signs do. Aries ruled by Mars is action oriented. Leo expresses his or her love of life through participating in it. Sagittarians thrive on ideas that are fueled by exposure to the world around him or her.

Air signs are objective by nature and have the ability to rationalize any situation without feelings getting in the way. Fire and air signs are compatible because fire generates the heat and energy necessary for mental stimulation. Fire signs are all fired up about playing the game and the air signs will advertise what the game is.

The earth and water clan are a lot more practical than the fire and air kids. Earth signs have an innate sense of how to get the things they need to keep them alive. Food, shelter and clothing come into this category. Water signs excel in feelings and are able to use their emotions as a way to feel their way through life. This is especially valuable in matters of trust. Water signs can feel danger in the air without having to take the time to reason why.

Fire and air signs will always feel comfortable around other fire and air signs. Its like being around family. The same goes for the earth and water signs.

Does this mean that there is no hope for interacting with incompatible signs. In my opinion the answer is a definite no. By not exposing ourselves to people who have different views of the world as a people we would fail to progress and evolve. This is not to say that interacting with people different than ourselves is a piece of cake, but it can be done.

How many people do you know who are in good relationships but their signs are incompatible? I know plenty and their relationships have been long lasting. Incompatible signs help us to grow and expose us to different points of view, make us more tolerant, patient and teach us new ways to solve relationship challenges. Growth is the result.

So if you find yourself married to the wrong sign think of it as paying back karma. Personally I find that this is a great way to diffuse personality conflicts if and this is a big if, you are committed to elevating your consciousness.

Oh, just in case you thought I was behaving like someone who had all the answers I just wanted to remind you that whenever you are interacting with another person you are not only interacting with their sun sign, you are interacting with their Moon sign as well as with all the the rest of their planets. When put in this perspective it's enough to make anybody afraid to leave their house. In fact I've noticed that I've been leaving the house less and less as the years go by.

Think of it like this: Every person you meet is carrying their whole family inside them. Scary isn't it?

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