Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pisces: Victim of Guilty or Not

I may be one of the only people who didn't follow the Casey Anthony story. That doesn't mean that I have been living under a rock though. The media has provided the entire world with more than enough details to keep even a casual reader like myself informed.

Casey has been sprung and is ready to embark on a new life somewhere else. Like a true Pisces she will be able to blend in and take on her new identity as easily as putting on a new dress. We will never know exactly what really happened to little Caylee. We can only surmise. Astrology is not a perfect science and it will not be able to give us answers about guilt or innocence What it can do however, is give us a better understanding of what makes a person tick. So I decided to take a look at the chart for her birth to see if it corresponds with what has been reported about her in the news. For those of you who would like to see her actual horoscope and a far more thorough delineation than mine on the subject of Casey I am providing the link to Astropost.

According the Astropost sources Casey was born on March 19th, 1986 in Warren, Ohio at 3:10pm. As a mother myself, what I find most shocking is that this girl is only 25 years old and has been accused of the most horrid of crimes. She is probably the most hated person in the country, if not the world, and she will be forever identified as the symbol of motherhood gone horribly wrong.

I believe that her Leo rising is one of the main reasons she has suffered so much bad press. Nobody likes to see the accused behaving like she enjoys the attention she is getting. Her Pisces Sun and Leo rising makes her look like she is starring in the role of misunderstood victim. She was born with a Moon in Cancer. A most natural and appropriate sign indicating motherhood. My problem with her Moon is that it is in the 11th house. That is like having a Moon conjunct Uranus. She appeared more like a part time mom than the Madonna with Child stereotype.

The ruler of her tenth house in her 9th house certainly says something about her destiny being tied up with legal considerations. The ruler of her ninth house is Mars in the legal sign of Sagittarius located in her natal 5th house. So it is not surprising that legal matters for her would be associated with her child.

In the system of astrology that I use the third quadrant in the horoscope represents the area where ideas come. This area of the horoscope is where the fertile imagination lies. Certainly it is not a stretch to consider that a Pisces like Casey could spin tales the likes of which could be the envy of Aesop especially with Jupiter in the 7th house. Jupiter would increase the number of those tales. I have a vague recollection about an imaginary nanny or babysitter who Casey referred to during the trial or when interrogated by police. Could her imaginative seventh house be the hat out of which Casey pulled the imaginary rabbit?

Since the ruler of her seventh house is Uranus and located in the fifth house where emotional creativity is given expression I would suspect that her ideas and thoughts would be expressed in various erratic and unpredictable forms of expression. Her party girl image is a difficult one to diffuse given her penchant for having a good time. Certainly Uranus and Mars in the 5th house could be interpreted as someone who partied hard. Please understand I am not saying she is guilty or not guilty I am just looking for symbolism here that could apply to her life experience.

The majority of Casey's planets are located in the western hemisphere indicating dependency issues. Casey would have a hard time being alone and needs to seek associations with others to compensate for her deficit. Casey needed and will always need a social life.

There were some allegations that she suffered sexual abuse by her father. Whether it was the father who was the perpetrator or someone else, from this astrologer's point of view the ruler of the first in the eighth house is a good indication that something was definitely rotten in Denmark. During the first seven years of Casey's life, either she was having conversations with the dead or something sexual was going on. Since I haven't heard anything about Casey having regular otherworldly visitations I'll keep this idea open for a possibility.

I'm sure that Jupiter in her seventh house helped her to get a good lawyer. Lucky for her that the transit of Jupiter in her ninth might bring in a book deal. Lucky for her that by the time it hits her 10th she'll feeling free as a bird. Not so lucky for Caylee.


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Very interesting...I like you analysis very much


Can't help but wonder what the future holds for her.