Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can Neptune Blow Chances for Success?

For quite a few years now I have been making made to order baby horoscopes for new parents. People who ordered them always came to be through word of mouth. Babies and children always hold a special place for me. I suppose that a loaded fifth house stellium in Libra was a major reason. I began to get less and less inspired to make these books because of all the work that went into them. Eventually the orders slowed to a dribble which I found almost to be a relief. Needless to say from a business point of view this kind of attitude will not help to make any kind of business flourish.

Just because my little made to order books became more of a chore than pleasure did not mean that I wanted to quit entirely. I just needed to find a solution for making my BabyScopes available to everyone in a way that would allow me the freedom to do other projects. Having a balanced amount of fixed planets in my horoscope helped me to not give up on my idea.

Recently after years of trying to figure out how to make my dream a reality it finally came together. My idea was to make a parent friendly horoscope book for babies. I used electional astrology guidelines in order to find the best day for launching my book. Anyone who has tried to do electional astrology can attest to the fact how hard it is. The last time I did an electional chart was for my wedding day a gazillion years ago. I charted the day as carefully as I could in order that the marriage be long lasting. Eventually the marriage ended in divorce after many, and I mean many years of legal separation.

Our years of separation as it turned out was a benefit to us financially in the long run. So I can say that even though the marriage eventually ended it did last much longer than most. We had always been a couple who put our children first. We also always had a mutual respect for one another which I believe still is the reason our relationship, although not a legal one still endures.

So now years later I found myself in a position where I wanted a project that was dear to me to succeed. I finally chose a day that was not perfect simply because I could not get Neptune out of the way. By that I mean in a house and location that would not threaten the success of my venture. Couple this with void of course Moon periods as well as other strictures it is all but enough to drive one crazy. Having a major long term Neptune transit doesn't help either.

According to the day and time of my electional, Neptune is straddling the 10th house cusp but retrograde. Since it is retrograde I'm hoping it's negative influence on the success of my project will be lessened. Neptune in the 10th portends an undefined status and confusion for a business. But since this business is somewhat spiritual in nature I am hoping for the best. Now the Moon is in the 10th, is separating from Neptune and making an approaching sextile to Jupiter in the eleventh eleventh, which will eventually make a trine to the sun and Venus in the 2nd house. I am hoping that this will be enough to offset the vagaries of Neptune.

There is a lot more that goes into electional and I omitted other important details such as my natal chart and it's promise. All I can say is that I am finally relieved to have my little book ready for public consumption. As for a number one best seller, I seriously doubt it but it is completed and I'm getting ready for another one. It is possible that Neptune will make this book one that no one ever reads. I'm treating this as an experience to put under my belt so I won't be disappointed either way.

Stay tuned for publishing day!!


segurelha said...

I posted this on astrodispatch, as to demonstrated how I feel Neptune blurs our minds in such a way that it makes it difficult to achieve practical things. And even if we try hard, or let it go, there is always going to be mistakes and failures. Its Neptune, pushing us to acceptance.

I was born under a very tight Neptune-Sun conjuntion, and I have Neptune transiting my first house. I cannot say Neptune helps me making artistic products. Certainly my imagination and humor and moods go far far away, but the difficulty in putting these into some kind of creation outside. I can make beautiful musics in my head but not play them on the guitar (although I play guitar), and so on...


I hear what you are saying and am prepared for the worst This venture has been going on so long I am just glad my project is finished. Knowing the drawbacks I am resigned knowing there will always be more days ahead to reconfigure my project. Much appreciation for the input.

msfullroller said...

Best wishes on your new venture!


You are so sweet. Thank you I'll need it. Love your site by the way.

leslee said...

Good luck, Patricia! This post caught my attention because my upcoming solar return chart in September has Neptune conjunct the MC. Since I'm in the midst of job hunting, that will make Neptune very important career-wise! Also Neptune is making a long transit opposite my Mercury making it hard to focus. Fortunately, Jupiter is also making a long transit of my natal MC and 10th house so... well, should be interesting. :-)


I can certainly identify. I'll be sharing the results. But I do like that Jupiter transit to your MC a lot.