Friday, July 22, 2011

Mercury Rx: Keep Your Pen in Your Pocket

Here we go again with another upcoming retrograde. Mercury is trying to complete his conversation which began on July 3rd. Mercury is all about news. Leo is all about entertainment and creative expression of all kinds. During it's travels in the dramatic and fun loving sign of Leo we can expect the media to be honing in on all the usual pleasure activities like vacations and summer fun. We can also expect a flood of everyday news to be full of winning front page pictorials and front page headlines related to children.

Normally Mercury in the fixed sign tells us that the news we read or decisions we make will have a lasting effect and that any documents signed when Mercury is in Leo will be difficult to append. However, Mercury will leave Leo and enter the sign of Virgo on the 29th and then go retrograde and go back into the sign of Leo indicating that corrections or changes to the original plan which was decided on in July will be subject to changes.

All matters coming under the heading of contracts, agreements and decisions should best be completed after September 12th.

It will be a good idea to keep your Bic unclicked until the celestial coast is clear.

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