Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jupiter Transits Feel Good: Exercise Good Judgement

Everyone likes Jupiter transits. Jupiter is called the great benefic of the zodiac. I just call him the Santa Claus of the zodiac. During those times in our lives when it seems all hope is gone, Jupiter comes along and throws us just the bone we need to make us believe that all hope is not lost.

The signs that are feeling the beneficial transits of Jupiter right now are all the earth and water sun signs. Because of Jupiter's transit in Taurus this earthy sign will be experiencing the strongest benefits of this transit. Scorpio water signs should take the most care and resist in over doing given their penchant for obsessive and compulsive behavior.

Jupiter can answer prayers, take us on a long needed vacation and even deliver a check to us in the right dollar amount at just the right time. Jupiter lifts us out of depression and up towards optimism. Whether you consider him Santa Claus or Dr. Feelgood the rays of Jupiter are always welcome and always wished for.

Jupiter stays in a sign for an average of one year. This fact should be used to assess when our projects will bring in the most rewards. He also enables us to get the necessary collateral although it is very helpful to check out your eighth house and it's ruler if you are relying on the receipt of a loan for your project.

It is true that Jupiter can bail you out of financial difficulties. However over optimism can cause people to ignore the consequences of over indulging. For instance, it is not uncommon to have a cash flow problem prior to a Jupiter transit, then Jupiter comes along and slips you just the amount of money or more that you will need to get yourself breathing freely again. If you are careful and watch when Jupiter goes retrograde you might begin to notice that the cash flow is receding a bit, then when it goes direct again the flow starts up again.

I would take these as signs to be diligent and not overindulgent. Think of your good fortune as a precious gift and treat it this way instead of forgetting that there are consequences for not preparing for the future. After all Jupiter is the planet that rules our capacity to judge, so use it.

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