Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Blake and Leonardo Astrology

She is adorable as he is handsome. The Blake Lively and Leonardo Di Caprio romance in the tabloids has adoring fans curious about this May-December romance.

Actually I wasn't quite sure what the determining age difference actually was that constituted a May-December romance but after a little investigating it appears that the rule of thumb is that either person within an existing relationship would have to be considerably older or considerably younger. So technically speaking Leo and Blake are in one.

In this famous couple's case Leonardo is a considerable 13 years older than Blake who is 24. Blake who was born on August 25, 1987 and for whom I have no birth time is a very discriminating Virgo. Leonardo is a Scorpio born on November 11, 1974.

I don't doubt the Jupiter transit in Taurus is helping this relationship to blossom resulting in Leo and Blake being hugely in our faces lately. Blake is getting a trine to her very discriminating stellium in Virgo encouraging her to be more open to the world at large. Leonardo is receiving an opposition of Jupiter to his natal Mars in Scorpio making it a little difficult to ignore an urge to merge. Scorpio's by nature are commitment oriented. Could this be it for Leonardo?

Clearly the transit of Neptune that will be transiting over Blake for quite a while shows that she is clearly under his spell. The transit of Saturn over Leonardo's Moon in Libra is an indication that he considers this a serious relationship but will have to withstand Saturn's test demanding for mature behavior with the opposite sex.

Blake's stellium in Virgo has the potential to make it difficult for her to accept any partner warts and all. However the long transit of Neptune she is experiencing over her huge Virgo stellium might be just the thing needed to help her take a vacation from all that critical thinking. It looks like the timing is just right for Leo to slip into her life as Mr. Perfect.

I have very personal opionions about entering a marriage before going through a Saturn return. I think it is best for people to go through this maturation cycle so relationship decisions are made responsibly and not based merely on a whim or childish conceptions about what marriage is. Blake at 24 years of age has yet to complete the full round of Saturn's lessons. It will be interesting to watch how this relationship plays out.

They both have their natal Moons in a square aspect to Saturn making them both understand
that life is not easy and throwing caution to the wind is not in their personality description. This similarity of emotional responses will make them feel a common bond. This may offset the missing experience of a Saturn return for Blake should they enter a legal marriage. In any case if this relationship goes forward into wedding bell territory before her return she will definitely be looking at things quite a bit differently when the Saturn return kicks in a few years from now.

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