Monday, June 20, 2011

Kardashian Astrology

In answer to a reader's question about the Kardashian Klan; Kim Kardashian is a Libra, Rob Kardashian is a Pisces, Bruce Jenner is a Scorpio and Kris Jenner is also a Scorpio.

I've left out a couple of family members I know, but since the question was primarily about Kim and her brother I thought I'd start with them. I must interject here that I have not been keeping up with the Kardashians. I can't believe I said that, but I'll take a peek at some of their astrology.

I could have sworn I read somewhere that Kim was a Pisces, but according to Wikipedia she was born under the Venus ruled sign of Libra which would account for her extraordinary beauty. Her sun is conjunct Pluto indicating that this girl is no slouch. She has extraordinary ability to get what she wants and I don't doubt that she is a master at controlling and manipulating others. I suspect that with her natal Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Uranus she can be extremely secretive as well besides difficult to trust as she will change her mind without warning. This kind of trait can be infuriating especially for people who keep a neat appointment book. If her sisters are picking on her it's because she can be infuriatingly undependable at the most unpredictable times. Her Sun-Pluto conjunction in Libra will give her problems in decision making. It's important not to give Kim more than one choice at a time. To many choices can cause her to obsess but when she does does finally make up her mind nothing will stop her in getting what needs to be done - done.

It is very interesting to me that Kim has a powerful need to be in control and that both her step-father Bruce Jenner is a Scorpio as is her mother Kris. Well you can see by this planetary set up that the old saying, "birds of a feather" is right on for these three.

Rob is a Pisces. Need I say more? It is very important that he and others born under this sign to keep away from escapist activities like drinking alcohol and using drugs. His Saturn-Uranus conjunction in a square aspect to his natal Sun makes him force himself to be structured in an extreme way so I think this square will actually help him from losing his ability to control himself. Pisces need order perhaps as a way to rein in the inner chaos. In retrospect I see why there was an episode focusing on his extreme neatness a few years ago.

A reader asked if Rob was on a downward spiral. Certainly transiting Neptune on his natal Mercury is reason to make it difficult for Rob to focus or think clearly. Accurate astrology requires accurate time and I don't know when the episodes were filmed but it looks like Rob has been feeling a little lost for a while indicating the Neptune was probably in the air. But as for the present, Rob is now in the early throes of Neptune's seductive cocktail which really began to manifest in April '11. By August '11 Neptune will be officially in the final degrees of Aquarius as it prepares to effectively confuse all who have any planets in the very early degrees of Pisces.

Of course I am only eyeballing these transits because of lack of complete data but according to recent reports it looks like Rob is having difficulty knowing which end is up. This is a classic problem when going through a Neptune transit. I just hope his mom recruits an astrologer to help them all through the crisis.


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a scorpio scorpio combo never fails to interest


Like being married to the mob.