Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gaga Astrology

Many years ago I was invited to attend an astrology research project by an astrologer and a psychologist. They wanted to find the common thread that ran through each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. They wanted to be able to be more specific in identifying the astrological stereotypes than what had been recorded before their project was undertaken. After seven years they were able to get an impressive amount of data. A group of twelve people born under the same sign would be interviewed in order to find the one common denominator for their sun sign. Each sign was thoroughly researched for months. A veritable treasure trove of information was uncovered during the process. I find myself referring to that data over and over again.

Lady Gaga was born on March 28th, 1986 in New York City when the Sun was in the sign of Aries. People born under the sign of Aries have one inner goal and motivation and that is to do something totally unique that no one else has done. Whether or not they are able to achieve that goal depends on many factors such as heredity, motivation, destiny, karma and the like.

If a person born under the sign of Aries has what it takes there should be no obstacle that will get in the way of their one main objective, and that objective is to be the first one to get to the finish line. Gaga came into prominence in 2008 when her album The Fame was released when Jupiter was transiting her 10th solar house. Jupiter's expansive nature can bestow good fortune and success when transiting a person's house of career and reputation. Gaga was also experiencing a classic transiting Uranus square to her natal Uranus at this time. This transit occurs when people are in their early twenties and again when they are in their early sixties. Gaga had to have resonated to the desire to break free from the ordinary and mundane under this transit. Uranus cannot withstand restriction and must be free to express it's individuality. Under this transit Gaga was given the opportunity to march to a different drummer.

Gaga's need to be a the one and only original is as obvious as the costumes she wears in her performances. Her power packed Born This Way video will go down in the history books as far as I'm concerned. The constant references to Madonna are left by the wayside after witnessing the stunning visuals such as the ones Gaga performed representing the birthing process. Not even Madonna could top this one. Gaga was right on target during the transit of Pluto squaring her natal sun. The Born This Way video is a visual masterpiece of death and rebirth symbols represented by Pluto.

Transiting Uranus will be leaving Gaga's natal sun in the spring of 2013 which indicates that she may take an exposure break; after all how much Uranus can anyone take?

So it isn't surprising that Lady G who, as an Aries of the highest order took being original to the highest level. She is competitive, will not lift a finger to do anything that she does not think she will excel at, is looking for that one special man or woman to fall in love with who will rescue her like a maiden in distress and take her off to live happily ever after. She has successfully knocked off the competition with her gazillion dollar extravaganzas making her numero-uno in the entertainment world. She was born under a Mars ruled sign which means she likes to be where the action is. Life is meant to be lived and living a life with no excitement would be a sad one indeed. The research project concluded that Aries women prefer the company of men because they consider other women as their main competition. Personally, I believe that Aries women can find a comfort zone around other women as long as she feels she hasn't met her match or better.

Gaga was born when the Moon was in the sign of Scorpio. She will be getting the first transit of Saturn to her Moon beginning in October 2012 and will need a good financial advisor. This transit of Saturn through her solar eighth house of other people's money can indicate IRS concerns. Anyone who has seen Gaga's performances can see that they don't come cheap. Aries have a reputation for being naive and can forget important things like expenses and money. Now would be a good time for Gaga to take heed and begin balancing her checkbook.

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