Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enough with the Eclipses Already!

Today summer is officially announced by the entrance of the Sun into the initiating cardinal water sign of Cancer.

A solstice marks the beginning of each season. This summer is an especially important time to watch because not only is the sun in a cardinal sign, but Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all located in relatively early degrees of cardinal signs. This means that influence of the slower moving planets will be difficult to ignore simply because they hang around so long affecting the world at large. Saturn always points to structures and foundations literally and figuratively. Saturn will always point the way for how we can keep the foundations of our lives in tact. If we are not adhering to basic universal rules Saturn will always make it obvious in ways that are as obvious as the nose on our faces. Buildings that before seemed in good condition will show signs of eroding and in need of repair. We can extend this meaning to include health as well and it is interesting that bone loss is condition related to prominent Saturn cycles. Our skeletal structures are Saturn ruled just as it rules the structures of communities. The workplace will be the most obvious area where problems surface because Saturn rules authority figures. We must also keep in mind that leaders of countries are represented by Saturn and it has been impossible to ignore their flagrant disregard for their fellow man.

Fortunately Saturn has recently gone direct indicating that we will be able to chisel away the obstacles that surfaced around the same time last year. In February of next year when Saturn goes retrograde we will be forced to look at the same old problem until a solution is finally found in late June 2012.

The solar eclipse on July 1st that occurs in our nations 7the house signals that it's effects could have a disruptive influence on our relationships with our treaties with other countries. Uranus has been transiting the USA's chart since last June causing unpredictable earth changes due to a whole host of reasons. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to Jupiter in the USA's chart says to me that this period is full of negotiations with religious connotations. Uranus also rules the nations third house implying that a lot of our media sources are unreliable.

The line up of all these power players of the zodiac is making me exhausted. I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.


Alice Brown said...

I agree there are so many Eclipses happening this year, i am eagerly waiting for the next eclipse in line on 1st July, hope it brings in something for me and my family. I am a Cancerian, there are many other happening in my astrological charts recently, so i am a bit worried. Thanks for the share and happy solstice....!!


Here's to wonderful new beginnings!!
Keep in touch. I too have been hit like a walking target lately.