Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My recent blog a few days ago about my loss of employment is a serious indication that I have been seriously eclipsified. First by the solar eclipse on June 1st. Houses six and twelve felt most of the impact and as I reported on the June 8th when I found myself "canned" as they say. It is only in retrospect now that I realized the "foreign" symbolism contained within the effects. The owner/s of the company were foreign and spoke in their mother tongue during most of the working day. The sign of Sagittarius is contained within my sixth house. This is a perfectly fine explanation for being in a workplace where a different language was spoken.

The lunar eclipse on the 15th should complete it's purpose and teach me to expand my awareness with regard to the people I encounter. This upcoming lunar eclipse will be effecting my ascendent/decendant axis, is personal, and all about me and them. However, it is mostly about me. A long time ago I read a biblical passage that says, "You'll know them by the fruits they bear." I found that by keeping this wise counsel in my conscious awareness I could protect myself against intruders. But alas, as so often happens as we mortals go about our day to day living I forgot to pay attention and inappropriate people slipped in.

It was not my employers fault that I had this unfortunate experience. I take total responsibility because I did not pay attention. Who they were was right in front of me all the time. They are only human and are being who they are. I chose not to look. The eclipse made me look to remind me of my responsibility to myself and others.

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Alice Brown said...

Things like this happens nothing to worry instead you gotto learn from them, I love the way you narrated the entire post on Eclipses, there is huge list of eclipses occurring this year. Thanks for the share...!!