Monday, June 13, 2011

Pluto Conjuncts His Sun: He Just Couldn't Help It

Everyone appears to be fascinated with celebrities and sex crazed politicians - even people who claim they've never heard of Page Six or Angelina Jolie. I mean really! It's almost impossible to ignore the constant barrage of news reports about this or that celebrity these days.

It was suggested by a dear friend that I blog more about celebrities because the public just can't get enough - and she reminded me "just think of the traffic your site would get." This statement alone made me realize that besides living vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous she's pretty smart. Personally, since canceling my cable account last year you might think that I've been deprived of whether Cameron Diaz is still dating A Rod or whether Eliot Spitzer's wife was going to dump him or keep him. Not so.

I might not have a TV anymore but keeping up with the rich and famous is as easy as standing in line at Rite-Aid while waiting to buy a tube of toothpaste. There are countless tabloids to keep one entertained while on the way to the cash register. Actually if you're lucky enough to be stuck on a long line like the one I was on the other day you can get a months worth of gossip while you snack on a bag of M&M's...and here I was afraid that my brain was turning into mush because of too much TV.

I'm not so sure about making my blog a celebrity astrology blog but I'll take advantage of my friend's suggestion today and do a blog on that Weiner Meister we've all been hearing about.

I don't have a time for Anthony Weiner's birth nor do I have a time or date of birth for his wife Huma Abedin. Wikepedia only listed her year of birth which won't help me at all. It's better that I don't drag her into this mess anyway so I'll just focus on her randy hubby.

Anthony was born September 4, 1964 in New York City when the Sun was in the detail oriented sign of Virgo. One of the characteristics of this sign is the inherent need to serve and I suppose politics seemed the predictable career choice. Stereotypically Virgo's can be extraordinarily squeaky clean in appearance with an inborn talent for accessorizing especially if the rest of the horoscope concurs. From the looks of the congressman on TV his appearance appears to be almost immaculate in a sanitized kind of way. His Sun conjunct Pluto and Leo Moon will certainly intensify his obsessiveness with his appearance. My guess is that his attention hungry Moon in Leo is the reason for all his twitter pics as well.

Jupiter squaring his Moon is the answer to the question of why he behaved in the way he did and what was he thinking. He felt entitled, was having fun, and completely did not think about the consequences. Who knows what kinds of crazy thoughts go inside that head of his with a Mercury conjunct Uranus anyway. Strong Pluto aspects can also indicate anti social behavior tendencies. Ya think?

Our hero is experiencing a dissolving conjunction of Neptune to his natal Saturn. This is a scary insecure time for the congressman. Too bad he let his moral guard down and is experiencing what if feels like to have no earth under is feet. I'm afraid that with such a strong Neptune transit there may be more scandalous parts of himself he might have to face. It seems that Mr. Weiner really over extended himself on the approach to his Jupiter return. Too bad.

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jkko12 said...

I'm interested in learning why Kim Kardashian always seems to get picked on by her sisters and brother Rob... what's with the family dynamics? Also, what's up with Rob he seems to be headed down a downward spiral. Not to mention mooching off his sisters can you say lazy? Without looking up his sign I'm guessing he's a libra or cancer?