Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Commitment Phobic Libra

Here are a few commitment phobia indicators in the horoscope:
  1. Sun in Libra
  2. Moon in Libra
  3. Libra Ascendant
  4. Ruler of the first house in the seventh.
  5. Ruler of the eighth house in the second.
Libra's are notoriously attracted to the idea of a relationship but the idea of actually committing to it can scares the pants off of them.

Moon in Libra people, like their Sun in Libra counterparts are open to the idea of marriage but feel indecisive about the whole idea. The fact that the Moon by it's very nature is changeable can increase the tendency towards indecisiveness.

Libra rising people are looking to hook up, but it is very important to see what sign Venus is in and where it is located. Venus in fixed signs will be more willing to consider long term associations than mutable or cardinal signs. Venus located in the eighth house is similar to a Sun in Scorpio and likes the idea of committing.

A person's ruling planet in the seventh house can also make it difficult for a person to commit. The planet will operate similarly to a planet located in the sign of Libra because of the house involved. The seventh house is all about marriage, encounters, and partnerships but not necessarily the commitment to these subjects. Commitments occur in the eighth house.

And then there is the ruler of the eighth house in the second. This location can make a planet so fearful of giving up it's possessions that it will resist marriage altogether.

In the end Libra's will find that being in the company of another is a more comfortable place than being in it alone. It just takes them more time to get used to the idea.


Diane L said...

LOL! All too true . . . I have both Sun & Moon in Libra. Didn't get married until my early 40's after many years of serial monogamous relationships, often lasting 2 yrs or more. However, once married I settled right down.


When it comes to something as minor as hanging a picture I become anxious.Hammering that nail into the wall is like saying "I do"

Deb said...

I think and feel that maybe we Libras are not as indecisive about commitment as we are selective about whom/what we commit to. Judge Judy is among my favorite Librans. She's got a lot of Libra in her chart, something like a stellium. I've seen her in action-- she is a real New Yorker and not at all indecisive. You take her or leave her.

I'm the same way :).

I've Sun in Libra, but a significant amount of Scorpio in my chart. So I don't mind commitment by itself-- the cause or endeavor or person just needs to be worth my time, energy, and/or money. I think it's smarter to be this way than the opposite: jumping into decisions with no thought or foresight. So I'm proud to be a Libra.


It is not so obvious in their professions. Especially if you are a room for indecisiveness in that job. But it is more prevalent with regard to their personal lives. I guarantee Judge Judy had issues. She often remarked about the trying times with her kids during their teenage years. I guarantee career and parenthood was a difficult "balancing act" for her. One thing I've observed in Libras, Judge Judy included, is that once they do make up their minds they are fast, and act swiftly with no emotion and no regrets.

msfullroller said...

Quite true! My chart ruler in the 7th house, however it is conjunct Saturn and both aspect Venus in Aquarius. Also have Sun conjunct Mars in Aries in the 8th. So yeah when the commitment curtain is making it's way down, I'm initially like a deer in headlights vanishing at the last minute through the escape hatch. But when I do, it's monogamous and long term.

LOL @ your reply to Diane L. I hear ya though I can commit to that since I can always spackle over the hole and with a small brush, paint over it as if it were never there. Now mortaring pavers or concrete blocks together...nope! lol


Looks like you could be a "lifer"

Anna O. said...

Moon in Libra men and Moon in the 7th house men can be big time commitment phobes and also players.