Monday, June 27, 2011

Jupiter in Taurus: Eat Drink and Spend

Every sign gets a taste of what it is like to be a Sagittarius when Jupiter visits their sun sign. Sagittarians are known for being the luckiest sign of the zodiac. Just when you think that all the tricks in their bag have run out the Archers will come up with an idea that will fill up their bank accounts faster than a Powerball jackpot.

Each one of the twelve signs gets a chance to win the astrology lottery. Now it's Taurus's time to feel less pressure on their wallets and bank accounts. Not since Jupiter's the last transit in Taurus back in the year '2000 will you see this many Taureans reaching over to pay the check.

The hands of a Taurus are usually holding onto anything of value. That includes any bottle that has deposit value, grandma's china, and safety deposit box keys. As the celestial landlord of all second house matters Taurus natives will now be feeling like they've embarked on well deserved vacation.

Appetite control will become more and more difficult resulting in expanding waistlines and an uncanny obsession with the cooking channel. Our earthy bulls will display stereotypical stubborn behavior like indulging in cholesterol rich foods, and after dinner cigars as forbidden by health care professionals.

I can understand that you little bulls are sick of depriving yourselves but please try and keep an eye on your bathroom scale

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