Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Venus and Saturn: Makeup or No Makeup

Just wondering how pretty all of you Gemini's, and Gemini risings have been been feeling lately. Venus's good looks are beginning to recede so move over Gemini and make a quick stop over to your favorite cosmetic counter because you'll really need it because July will be Cancer's turn to turn heads, fall in love and get gobs of compliments.

Remember Venus represents little money, Jupiter big money, and Pluto mega money so here's to making a few extra dollars and looking all the better for it. Be prepared for disappointing hair cuts or ineffective facials the week of the 10th when Venus begins to square transiting Saturn. With transiting Pluto in the mix you'll be feel pretty sick of your same old look just in time to try a new one. Have no fear, it's a short transit lasting only a few days and you will be back to feeling your old self in no time by the weekend.

As for myself I've noticed that this month I've been sans make-up a lot more than usual. And here I just thought I was getting lazy. Apparently Venus, and a big pair of sunglasses was all I needed to make me forget about wrinkles, stray grays and the occasional extra pound or two. Oh well it was great while it lasted.

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