Friday, June 24, 2011

Calculate your Rising Sign - The Easy Way

It is still gloomy with occasional drizzles here in the big apple and I'm bored. Having been born when Gemini was rising it is normally difficult for me to be patient with routine, and the current Uranus transit to my natal Sun doesn't help matters any either. Boredom goes hand in hand with strong Uranus influences... just ask any Aquarian.

Since packing up and leaving my family, work, and responsibilities right now would be considered a rather extreme move, I simply allowed boredom to take me for its ho-hum ride as I Googled every thought that came into my head. All of a sudden I got into a widget frame of mind. Widgets are like toys for your website. Widgets are screen tools for websites and provide useful as well as fun information for readers, like the weather, sports, twitter feeds, clocks, and even eight balls at a glance. Then wonder of wonders I found exactly the widget that would quell my yawns.

Every astrologer knows that a birth time is imperative for obtaining a correct horoscope and also knows that a guesstimate rising sign can be obtained if the time of a person's birth is known without lots of calculations. But most people don't know how to do this especially if they are not astrologers. Well dear readers I am going to provide you all with a tool, courtesy of Astrotheme. Just scroll down to the bottom of my blog and you will see the handy dandy calculator. I have provided these links below for those of you who would like to take advantage of their services for your own blog or website.

Have fun and have a great weekend!


jkko12 said...

Can you share with us the compatability of Kate and Prince William? I'm very curious! People suspect a baby in the first 12 months... what do you think?


Great suggestion.

Theo said...

Here is a Google Gadget that you can include in your webpage or in your iGoogle page. This gadget calculate your ascendant or rising sign. Try it and enjoy.