Monday, November 15, 2010

Neptune Goes Direct and the Fog Clears

For all you Aquarians born between the 15th and 19th of the month it will soon be time to celebrate. Clarity will finally reign because Neptune the planet that has the ability to impair people's judgements faster than a third martini will be packing his bags ready to move on to anesthetize the signs next in line for dreamland. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the next signs in line for a cosmic binge with Neptune.

In fact all the people born in the late degree of fixed signs are finally waking up becoming energized and excited about life instead of exhausted and confused. The signs are as follows:
Taurus - Born between May 16th and May 29th
Leo - Born between August 19th and August 23rd
Scorpio - Born between November 18th and November 22nd
Aquarius - Born between the 15th and 19th

The first of the mutable signs to feel the prick of Neptune's needle and to become dazed and confused will be people born in the early degrees of their signs. The list of birthday periods should help you to prepare for it's influence:
Gemini - Born between May 22nd to May 31st
Virgo - Born between August 24th to September 2nd
Sagittarius - Born between November 23rd to December 2nd
Pisces - Born between February 20th to February 28th

The romance begins when Neptune hits you like a ton of bricks in April 2011. How will you know when Neptune is getting close? Here are some common symptoms:
  1. You feel the need to take a pill, drink or lots of naps.
  2. You can't remember...anything.
  3. You are beginning to notice that you have a high tolerance for pain...especially regarding relationships that are going nowhere.
  4. Your boyfriend or girlfriend has been cheating on you.
  5. Your business partner has been cheating you.
  6. It's 10PM and you never know where your children are.
  7. Business is terrible.
  8. You just enrolled in psychic development classes.
  9. You are channeling your dead Uncle Harry.
  10. You can't get rid of a persistent rash and it seems that all of your allergies are acting up.
Neptune can't be all bad so I'll list a few of the positive effects of Neptune below:
  1. You don't even notice the construction noise next door.
  2. You love everybody and everybody loves you.
  3. The number you dreamed last night turned out to be the lottery winner.
  4. You will only consider tropical island vacations.
  5. You are beginning to appreciated the monastic lifestyle.
  6. You keep receiving designer fragrances as gifts.
  7. You find yourself surrounded by paint in all forms from Benjamin Moore to the Guggenheim.
  8. You are beginning to acknowledge your spiritual side.
  9. You can see why prison inmates turn to the bible.
  10. You don't care about the extra ten pounds you gained.

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