Monday, November 29, 2010

Mercury: Preparing to Stall

It has been a long time between posts so I thought it best to get this message out before everybody forgets who I am. I guess the subject to address right now is the upcoming retrograde of the planet Mercury beginning on December 10th and ending on December 30th. However as always with Mercury retro periods we aren't technically out of the woods until after January 18th when Mercury moves out of it's shadow. Yes, a real bummer for sure.

The best way to avoid the effects of this period is to just be on the alert and try to avoid making major decisions until the period is over. As always it's never easy and sometimes impossible to avoid. For those of you who pay attention to these slippery Mercury periods you should go to and check out the wonderful calendar Sandra and David Mosely so carefully designed in order to help us earthlings get a handle on things. Just keep in mind that the Mercurial wrinkles will have ironed themselves out out by the 18th of December. This means we can finally go forward without a hitch because all those annoying bumps in the road have been paved by a celestial road crew.
After checking out the USA's natal horoscope it looks like the approaching quick transit of Venus to the USA's Mars Neptune midpoint on December 10th could cause a a mini sex scandal over the weekend. That never ending transit of Neptune over USA's Moon in the third house makes me wonder what news the press corps has been trying to keeping from us. We should find out by the time January rolls around.

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