Friday, October 29, 2010

Mars in the Third House: Ouch!

No I have not abandoned my blog. I just had a full calendar. Good for business but certainly not good for blogging. Blogging demands daily conversations and I have not had that luxury lately. Except for today.

I was born with Mars in the sign of Leo in the third house. I'm always busy coming and going in my car, on foot and if I hadn't just sold my bike I would be pedaling my way to somewhere as well. My ruler Mercury is in the seventh house so you could say that I'm always busy witnessing the people around me. Today was one of those days. I was on foot due to a decision to burn calories as well as to assist my heart to accumulate more healthy pumps.

I approached the busy intersection ahead of me and while standing on the the corner waiting for the traffic light to turn red so I could continue on my happy sojourn home, I watched while a woman was preparing to make a left hand turn in her SUV. She was cautious and because of the oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the street she correctly put her left indicator on and slowly rolled forward inching her way towards her desired left hand turn.

Meanwhile the car behind her must have had a real important appointment to keep because he pressed on his horn like a cop was chasing him for a bank robbery. This had to have caused caused a lot of anxiety in the woman and by the time the light had changed she was still situated in the same location. She decided, or rather was forced to make her left turn on a red light, which by the way in New York, is illegal. This was unfortunate for the driver behind her because now he had to wait yet again until the light changed in his favor. I say tough shit for him because his uber attitude could have been the cause of an accident. His aggression clearly rattled this woman so much that she did something illegal. Fortunately the woman had split second timing on her side. If oncoming traffic hit her resulting in an accident she would have been responsible for it. In the eyes of the law she would have been guilty of breaking it. I can't help but feel if that had happened I would have been very compassionate towards her.

I began to digest this whole scenario that I witnessed. It made me reflect on my own aggressive attitude especially behind the wheel. Mars likes to move, likes to act and doesn't like obstacles. If given a preference Mars prefers not to think at all. Given this fact, and you will be surprised to hear this, but any accident involving my car was never my fault. I don't have enough time to go into all the metaphysical reasons for this but I know it is due to the fact that I am a conscious human being.

Sure I get pissed off behind the wheel and curse like a trooper but nobody can hear me. I don't go chasing other cars if they cut me off. I'm not one to encourage road rage in other drivers especially if they are driving a car with tires that are so big they need a ladder to exit the vehicle.

I accept the fact that Mars in my third house is probably the reason for a rare and isolated fender bender here and there. After all his pugilistic nature makes him have to either hit or do the hitting. What I'm getting at here is that Mars can really be impatient, angry forceful and inconsiderate. And yes I am guilty of one or more of these things. But I am also a person who knows immediately when I walk into a house whether it is built well or just put together with masking tape, Elmer's glue and a staple gun. Dobereiner tells us, and I'm paraphrasing here, that people with Mars in the third house will knock on walls to find out if they are solid or not. This is so true. I can tell how well a house is constructed immediately and always knock on walls or kick things to test its strength.

One of the disadvantages of having Mars in the third house is that it can cause a person to miss a lot of information while reading. Mars is fast. Sure I like to read but my tendency is to want to get it over with fast so I can either start another book or just get to the information I am curious about and throw out the rest. In other words I just want the bottom line. I don't have time for the details. I am aware of this in myself and have learned to write down important facts especially when studying important material. It's as if the physical act of writing helps imprint it on my brain. It also keeps my hands busy as they enjoy holding and using instruments especially freshly sharpened pencils. Mars in the third house prefers sharp over dull.

I am also mechanically inclined and once assembled a small office chair with the assistance of a dime because I didn't have a screwdriver. I can think quick and am great in emergencies. My insensitive Mars just needs to get things done fast. You could say that my bedside manner is a little rough around the edges.

I used to garden a lot and felt completely confident and at ease with hedge clippers, power mowers, saws, axes and the like. Mars rules anything forged with steel. I taught myself how to use a sewing machine, remove a splinter under the skin, and doctored many an abscess on my territorial pet cat.

One of the disadvantages of my Mars placement is that I often become a living target and not only driving. Flying frisbees and orphaned balls of all kinds inevitably find their way onto my head while strolling in a park or walking a sandy beach. I do admit I get pissed when it happens.

Mars in the third house also can indicate less than peaceful conversations with siblings....but that's another story.

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