Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's to a Mouthwatering Mercury Retrograde

I never like to rain on any one's parade but this article about New York City Burger was just another reminder that Mercury is slowing down. Everyone knows that in these economic times it can be very risky opening up any kind of business let alone a new burger joint in New York City where the number of burgers being flipped is probably more than than the number of people eating them. And lest we forget the number of young vegetarians graduating from college every year .

It can be daunting for any astrologer worth his salt to find the most appropriate time to launch a business. So this article stuck out like a sore thumb or more appropriately a Burger King Whopper when I read it. Anytime I see a grand opening I cross my fingers and ask the universe to help make the business succeed. After all who doesn't like a success story.

I realize that by rounding up a host of ecumenical professionals the new owners felt they would be securing their fate. After thinking about this for a couple of paragraphs I am actually beginning to think that perhaps this ingenious roundup of holy men have the potential to succeed where others have failed...even with a retrograde Mercury. After all I'm an optimistic Sagittarian and can easily summon up a vision of success...or any other vision for that matter. After all the symbolic Archer is always aiming for the stars.

Perhaps a back pedaling Mercury is a lot less foreboding than I first thought. Maybe the future of New York City Burger will only be its eventual relocation due to the burgeoning number of burgerphiles clamoring to sink their teeth into a juicy quarter pounder. Certainly a more optimistic scenario compared to just another empty storefront.

Good luck NYC Burger! May Jupiter shower his luck upon you and bring you hundreds of green dollar bills to tape onto your walls.

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