Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturn in Libra: Relationship Reality Check

Saturn is in the sign of Libra until of 2012. Saturn is a very important planet to look at when analyzing a chart because it will indicate the area of a person's life where he or she feels most responsible. Saturn is the Great Taskmaster of the zodiac. Take a look at where Saturn is in your horoscope. Do you remember when you were a kid and how you felt about Sundays? Sunday's were always a reminder that the good times never last. Sundays were always tinged with a feeling of melencholy. Especially Sunday night because Sunday night demanded that any neglected homework be hastily completed or suffer the consequences on Monday.

Yeah, there is no escaping Saturn. Saturn demands that boundaries be respected just as the the rings surrounding this ancient planet suggest. If you don't do your homework you can get a failing grade. If you do your homework it will supply you with the additional backup of knowlege that could elevate a B+ to a highly coveted A. As long as you respect Saturn's boundaries and adhere to rules the sky's the limit.

When Saturn is in Libra it will seem as though most people that you encounter will have their frown masks on especially if you are not adhering to the rules. Like waiting on line at the supermarket with eleven items on a ten limit line. Make no mistake about it your friendly check out person will boot you over to the ten minute waiting line where all the rest of the shoppers go and where you belong. Saturn is boss and while he is in the socially and politically correct sign of Libra you'll always get the message loud and clear from the people around you.

Saturn rules structures. Saturn in Libra indicates that the trend in architecture now is all about conservative beauty that will accommodate and conform to everyone's taste.

Relationships will be tested now as never before. Those that do not make it will because the people in them are not accommodating each other fairly. Libra likes to keep the peace but Saturn says that peace comes from playing by the rules. The best thing about this sign placement is that it will be easy to see what the problem is. Saturn always will point to the problem. If it can be corrected it will be obvious.

Sometimes second marriages are a good thing because in retrospect it is easy to see what made the relationship so difficult in the first place. Second marriages can give you the experience necessary that will avoid making the same mistake twice. Saturn rules experience and maturity which can result in making wise choices for a proper mate.

Sometimes Saturn can make people want to avoid things because of fear. Saturn in Libra can cause a person to be more relationship phobic preferring to engage in a relationship but not necessarily in a legal one that requires a document. In a case such as this it could actually be a good thing especially for the person in the relationship who is hanging on to false hopes. Saturn in Libra can learn how not to waste time on a relationship that is not going anywhere.

More importantly Saturn in Libra will be responsible for restructuring the present marriage laws to accommodate everyone's ideas about marriage. As a friend of mine once said, "Love is a gamble, marriage is a business contract."
It is now a time for the lawmakers to structure the institution of marriage for every citizen no matter their sexual orientation. In this way everyone will have available to them a fair and binding legal contract for their own protection.

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