Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Astrology: It's All About Timing

Well it's finally happened my computer is dying. I've had this desktop for so long that I didn't even realize how attached to it I've become. I know it's only a machine but old Delly has always been there for me like some dedicated workhorse who's only purpose in life was to get me to my destination no matter the cost or sacrifice to himself. Sadly that has all come to an end.

Now old Delly can only get up the energy to boot up but he can't deliver me to where I want to go. Mozilla icons blink and sputter like some worn out outboard motor leaving me alone to drift in a crowded sea of stalled icons unable to travel the word wide web. Then suddenly without warning a desperate clicking of my mouse makes something kick in and I find myself face to face with Google's front page.

Still in denial about Delly's condition I forget the waning speed of my hard drive and shift to thoughts of thankless spoiled celebrities and decide to do a search on Lindsay Lohan to find out what the hell is going on with her astrologically. Common sense took hold of me and I quickly decided to do a search on computers since Delly and please excuse the pun, looked so obviously terminal. I'm no computer genius but I can tell you one thing. It shouldn't take ten minutes for a page to load.

The Full Moon marks a time of completion so it shouldn't be any surprise that the heavens had a hand in Delly's demise. I had my suspicions about my faithful Delly's health for some time now but wanted to avoid the inevitable. Just the idea of purchasing a new computer puts my nerves on edge because I am so technically challenged. I will have to recruit my entire family as well as astrologers and non astrologer friends and maybe even my car mechanic to assist me in choosing the inheritor of Delly's crown.

The best time to purchase a new item in on a New Moon and when Mercury is not retrograde or in it's shadow not to mention Void of Course Moon periods...oy vey! Mercury is considered to be in it's shadow if it has not traveled past the sign and degree it was before it turned retrograde. So technically Mercury will be out of it's shadow after the 27th of September because it began it's retrograde motion on August 20th and it will reach the same sign and degree after the 27th. I still haven't checked out Void of Course Moon tables yet.

No wonder us mortals wind up doing everything at the wrong time. I mean who can keep up with this stuff. If I wait until the New Moon on the 7th which is the best time to purchase my new computer that will be about 15 days from now. That means no blog, no e-mails, no looking up words I don't know the meaning of, no looking up astrology data or celebrity gossip or shopping. How will I know what the weather is like outside? I'm dizzy just thinking about this especially because I don't have a television....and that's a whole other topic for another blog.

Should I will I can I hold off until next month?


Colleen Farrell said...

I need a new computer too, and just googled on the best time for purchasing. I figured the Moon shouldn't be in Gemini, and to avoid a VOC Moon (and Merc Rx of course). Didn't even think of the New Moon! Enjoyed reading your post. Deep breaths ... you WILL survive the computer transition! ;-)


Thanks I appreciate your sympathy. Good luck to us both. Thanks for your the way why don't you think the Moon shouldn't be in Gemini?
Just Curious ;-)