Monday, October 18, 2010

Astrology and Destiny

After students learn the basics of astrology they will inevitably ask me whether we have control over our destiny or not. This is not a question I haven't wrestled with myself especially in my early years of studying astrology.

I do believe that we have at our disposal many ways to live our lives free of hardship and disease. I also believe that there are many factors that have an influence over our lives from the time of our conception to the moment that we take in our first breath. Our inherited genetic makeup as well as the environment we live in must be taken into consideration regarding the quality of our life including the length of our life cycle.

I do not claim to be a great seer like Nostradamus or a great channel like Edgar Cayce but I have come to the understanding that a higher consciousness can take us a long way. I am an ordinary person who has found astrology to be a great tool for me to use to help people in crisis. I don't concern myself with predictions as much as assist my clients in finding a solution to the issues at hand.

Free will is always at our disposal. We can freely decide to make a wrong decision or a right one. Living a good and moral life surrounded by loving supportive friends and family can potentially increase a person's life span simply because love and kindness towards others fertilizes the spirit thereby fertilizing the body as well. Like attracts like.

Every astrology student has experienced a significant transit of an outer planet such as Pluto where their whole life was turned upside down resulting in a loss of some kind. When pondering whether we have free will or not under such a transit, it would on the face of things depend on how you look at it.

Let us consider an ordinary person who lives a life of ordinary routine and uncomplicated perceptions. Let us also go one step further and say that this person was common, uneducated and intimidated by other people that he perceived as living a life free from the cares of this world.

Now let us imagine that I was requested to read this person's horoscope. It would be as easy for me to predict what this person would do under a difficult transit as it would be for me to breath. The reason for this is simple. It is because this person is predictable.

Let us imagine that I was giving a reading for a person who was living in an ashram, meditated three times a day, lived a mindful life, practiced selfless giving and was dedicated to living a spiritual life. I would be able to predict what this person would do under difficult transits because he is also predictable.

The common uncomplicated person would have a harder time during difficult transits. Not because he doesn't have the potential to live an easier life but because he has chosen not to. On the other hand our ashram person will be able to live out the transit easier simply because he chose to do so. What I am saying here is that we make our own destiny. We can live the high life or we can live the low life.

I also believe that there are miracles to be had. In order to rise above our difficult transits and aspects we have to search for these miracles. These miracles can come in the form of a progressive doctor, or quantum physics, or the simple expectation of miracles. In other words a change in consciousness is necessary in order for us to rise above the ordinary and in the end to be in control of our destiny. It is only then that we will be able to rise above the difficulties inherent in challenging transits.

I'm still working on it!

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