Monday, September 13, 2010

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Remedies

Sometimes the energy of the transiting planets can take their toll on us mortals especially if they are the outer planets. Uranus can have us jumping out of our skin causing us to be irritable and unable to be patient with ourselves or others. Without any warning Uranus can make little Suzy home maker hang up her apron and run off with the gardener or your friend's faithful husband or wife to suddenly announce his or her homosexuality to the world.

When under the spell of Neptune the need for sleep, music and escape will beckon just like a cocktail does to an alcoholic. Addictions of all kinds can seep insidiously into our lives seemingly without warning but upon a closer look the inability to concentrate and focus had been going on at least five or six or possibly seven degrees before it actually made a direct hit onto any one of the personal points in our chart. The inability to focus or finding oneself lost in imaginary or even real romantic liaisons is a very strong indication that Neptune has anesthetized you.

Feeling like you've been kidnapped by a mafia goon driving a big black Escalade is a very strong indication that Pluto is close by. Or perhaps the company you are working for has laid off sixteen employees in the last two months but your boss continues to tell you your job is secure despite the fact that he canceled every one's benefits.

These are all serious and scary possibilities so what can we do about them? Surely our Universal Father/Mother God doesn't intend to abandon us leaving us flopping around and gasping for air like some helpless gold fish thrown out of it's bowl. We must always remember that there are lower vibrations to the planets as well as higher vibrations and it seems it's always easier to respond to the lower. We've all heard the phrase rising to the occasion. When it comes to the outer planets we must rise to the occasion, not fall.

The only way to avoid or lessen the most negative and predictable planetary scenarios is to elevate oneself to a higher energy vibration. Remember like attracts like. Meditation is one way to tune oneself into a higher frequency. Structured disciplines like yoga and tai chi will help to strengthen the body as well as the mind. Monitoring the amount of television we watch will also provide us with more time to read which in turn will strengthen our brains.

It's a great big traffic jam full of crazy energies out there and they are just itching to latch themselves onto vulnerable people. If we familiarize ourselves with the remedies provided by the higher frequencies of the planets we can fortify ourselves against the lower effects.

I think you will find the meditations links for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto quite inspirational.

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