Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mercury Retrograde Annoyances

I'm getting a little tired of this Mercury Retro period. When your ruling planet is Mercury and retrograde by the way, even I can get sick and tired of having to do things over again like every time I leave my house forgetting a package that needs to be mailed that was the original reason I left the house to begin with. I have thought about this so often and think that it's only when Mercury is actually retrograde that I become aware of how annoying the retrograde period is. Otherwise I just am able to deal with it without analyzing it...kind of like a robot with a limp on automatic.

I can go on forever with a list of the constant interruptions caused by my Mercurial the other day when I found out the case for my Ray Ban's was missing. This case was not an ordinary flat eye wear case that would allow me to substitute one of the many mutt eyeglass cases stashed away in my bureau drawer for my missing one. The case I lost was designed specifically for my cool looking wrap around aviators guaranteed to make me look fashion sporty like a Vogue cover model. Fortunately, I was able to order another case on line but will have to wait at lease three weeks for delivery. Now how's that for celestial timing. I'll probably get my glasses back when Mercury leaves it's shadow period after the 18th. Let's hope my glasses stay in tact until then without it's one of a kind designer sunglass case.

Oh, I forgot to mention that during this retrograde the speedometer in my car just up and stopped working. I dutifully brought it to my mechanic to be repaired. Two days later after the necessary repairs were completed I was on my way to one of my astrology lectures when a peculiar sound began to increase with every mile I drove. It turns out the recently replaced speedometer was defective and had to be replaced with a new one.

I love electronics and gadgets but cautiously avoid purchasing many of them knowing that most of the time these gadgets simply outlive their usefulness... that is until yesterday when I spied my son's Kindle on the edge of his coffee table. I was turned on like a Christmas tree when I saw it. I've since taken it home for a test drive. I say test drive because I don't want to commit to making a mercurial purchase on a Mercury retrograde. I mean after all doesn't Mercury rule anything and everything related to communications including the written word?

I'm loving this thing. A Kindle is small almost weightless, batteries can last a month and the pages won't turn yellow and you don't need to build a home library to put it in . I'm just wondering will I still be in love with it after the 18th? Only time will the meantime I'm having great fun test driving the Kindle.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this has been one of the most annoying retro Mercury period I have ever lived, lots of little but contonuously disturbing annoyances one after the other ones... To be tired of it is legitimate at last...

The reason is of course in the bad influence of other, major planets...


Rough waters to be sure. Keep strong and focused and remember the planets are always moving...difficult times never last forever.