Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Astrological Musings On Mercury, Mars and Construction Sites

This past retrograde was one for the books. I've had so many things malfunctioning all around me I began to feel like a troop of gremlins got delivered to my mailbox. It appears that one of them actually got stuck in my tooth.

I never even mentioned that besides the two speedometer failures, and losing my Ray Ban case I discovered a cavity in my left lateral incisor. At least I think that's the tooth in question from the the looks of the dental illustration I found on the internet. I decided to wait until Mercury went direct to have it attended to by my dentist who's name by the way is Dr. Love. Doesn't his name sound like some sadistic cosmic accident? Psychologically though I think his name makes it easier on my psyche whenever I have to go for a check up. I have actually been known to tell people that I actually love my dentist. we all know just one trip to the dentist has the potential to wipe out a years worth of savings depending of course on your genetic make up. I've calculated that over the years that I have spent so much money on dental work that financially speaking the money spent on my dental work would be the equivalent of a beachfront home in the Hamptons, a little escape condo in South Beach, and a ski house in Vale. In fact a dentist once told my ex-husband that he should have checked my teeth before he decided to marry me.

Why oh why has my mouth been a virtual construction site for most of my life? Let's take a look at my third house. Mars is in my third house. The third house is in the physical quadrant according to the system I use. Mars is all about construction, metal and anything forged with steel. The third house is also Mercury's domain and Mercury rules the mouth...and hey, what about all the actual real live stuff those guys used to patch up teeth during the big mercury gold rush back in the day.

It just makes sense to me that tools and mini jack hammers just have to find their way into this big Sagittarian mouth of mine. It's amazing I never needed braces!


msfullroller said...

LOL! Hmm, so with Neptune conjunct the SN in my third means I mean when pushed, I have not bit my tongue in past lives. I'm pretty quiet now and what I want to say "dissolves" by the time it gets to my mouth. lol

msfullroller said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that my back tooth started bothering me last Saturday. Mainly because I have been hitting the sweets pretty hard in the last few weeks. Now that I have backed off the pain has gone away. For the past few years that seems to be my warning signal to get my good eating habits back on track not to mention the waistline on my jeans cutting off the circulation cuz I refuse to go buy bigger ones. lol


A lot of things aren't worth mentioning anyway...I guess we can say you know how to mind your p's and q's. What are p's and q's anyway?

msfullroller said...

Things that make ya go hmmm...


Found the answer on Wikipedia...don't ya just love the internet?