Thursday, September 2, 2010

Uranus and Courage

Uranus is the planet that is often called The Great Awakener. It can also be called the Great Rebel, The Great Interruption and The Great Extremist especially when referring to it's mundane nature rather than it's esoteric nature.

The more extreme experience of a Uranus transit would be like a flash flood rushing without warning into your neighborhood and swallowing up every home in sight or lightening hitting you on the golf course. Another possible and common scenario is finding out your spouse has filed for divorce after 30 years of wedded bliss...or so you thought.

The esoteric experience would differ slightly. In the case of the flash flood you would find that the result of such an experience actually helped to facilitate the move you have been contemplating for years but were afraid to make. Being hit by lightening might have been exactly the message you needed to realize that life is short and you should live each moment as if it were your last. In the case of a spouse that wants out... in retrospect it's more than likely not to be a surprise at all.

If you happen to be in a serious relationship with a spouse or significant other who's either experiencing a Uranus transit or who's natal Uranus makes hard aspects to personal planets or points in your horoscope it would behoove you both to examine your horoscopes.

If Uranus is just transiting a specific area or another planet or point in your horoscope take heed; most likely the transit is temporary and you and your partner will go back to your normal boring selves when it is over. The key to living it out successfully is to allow your partner some room to experiment, baring swinging threesomes which can only lead to big trouble especially when the transit is over. On the other hand if you hooked up with a partner who's natal Uranus makes a hard aspect to your own natal planets more than likely the two of you have always appeared to each other as undependable strangers. In such cases Uranus transits for people with these kinds of charts can be very challenging indeed.

In closing rather than fear Uranus, embrace it's enlightening energy and use this time to expand your consciousness with less conventional subjects i.e., astrology, Reiki, tai chi, or telepathy. It's more than likely that during a transit of Uranus people gravitate towards these subjects anyway. When a person with a stable relationship goes through such a transit it's quite usual for the more conservative partner to treat his partner's new found interest with a grain of salt rather than a threat.

Uranus transits make us brave. It is during these periods that we have the courage to make changes that can elevate us out of the ordinary thereby enlightening our spirits. An elevated consciousness can help us to make leaps in our evolution. This is not the case when the lower vibration of Uranus kicks in. Channeling the lower vibrations of Uranus will only result in rebelliousness, intolerant behavior and relationship breakups.

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