Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturn: Your Celestial Day Planner

Saturn is in Libra right now which means that I will be seeing more and more Libras, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer clients. Whenever Saturn transits a cardinal sign you can be sure it's not just one of the cardinals that will feel it's demanding and testing energy. Saturn's transit through a cardinal sign will pull in all the rest of his cardinal buddies as well.

Similarly whatever quadruplicity Saturn is visiting you can be sure that that tribe of signs will be holding weekly group therapy sessions for at least two and a half years to alleviate the pressure. Of course the degrees must be taken into consideration. Saturn is now in the early degrees of Libra so all the early degrees of cardinals will be operational. When Saturn moves into the later degrees of Libra all the later degree cardinals will kick in, and so on down the line.

So what can these initiating cardinals expect with Saturn dogging their heels? Responsibilities for one. Saturn is all about time. Saturn is our celestial clock and during Saturn transits you can throw away any clocks and calendars because Saturn's demands will become as obvious as the numbers on your Rolex. The peeling paint on your walls is just a celestial alarm clock signifying that it's time to paint. Cracks in your home's foundation is a signal that Saturn is close by reminding you that maintenance is necessary. Your child's failing grades will be a signal that he or she or you are not monitoring schoolwork. Saturn rules careers and professions and cardinals can expect a lot of demands in this area especially if they are guilty of slacking off.

Saturn is all about structures and foundations. Your skeletal structure can be susceptible to breaks from falls, old age, or improper nutrition. This is the time to have a bone density test as well as to remember to wear the appropriate protective clothing during sports related activities.

Since Saturn has dominion over rules and regulations in general it would be a good idea not to take any unnecessary shortcuts when it comes to legal documents. Pay attention to traffic signs and make sure you didn't forget to renew your car's registration because Saturn will make you pay one way or another.

The message for all you cardinal signs is to get yourself a good day planner and use it. This is no time for ballpark figures or eyeballing things. Saturn demands an adherence to schedules and above all timeliness. If you can follow his directions you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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