Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jupiter is Here and I'm Eating Like a Pig!

Just a short while ago I blogged about the benefits of having a Saturn squaring natal Jupiter. Obviously I was in a positive frame of mind when I wrote that piece. Having been born under the sign of Sagittarius I tend to view the world optimistically anyway. I should have known it was just a matter of time when the Cookie Monster would rear it's ugly head.

Ever since I got back to New York from a year's stay in Florida my appetite has grown to Costco size proportions. I know about that store because the first time I had the experience of going there I was shocked to see that people actually shopped in bulk to such a degree. It's as if that store was designed specifically to target families preparing for a nuclear holocaust.

When I noticed that a device as small yet functional and necessary as a metal staple had to be purchased by the bushel I knew I could never shop in such a place. As it is I have trouble shopping in the more benign store Staples the pioneer of more bang for your buck office supply shopping. Somehow there I am able to manage and can find reasonable mid sized items that I can actually fit into my desk drawer. Although I must admit that if I rummage around my office long enough I'll be able to find a package of tarnished multi colored pushpins from ten years ago that were meant to compliment a newly purchased cork message board now decomposing in some landfill hundreds of miles away from where I now live. Depressingly such is the throw away world we now live in. On the other hand I'll bet I have some extra push pins for the next unexpected push pin emergency.

The point I am getting at is that my appetite for the past month is totally out of control. This eating thing began the second week of August when Jupiter began to oppose my natal Moon. I was doing pretty well there for a while but apparently not even an approaching Saturn opposition would be able to stop the me from shoveling thousands of unmonitored calories into my big Sagittarian mouth.

And now here we are in a Mercury retrograde and who's influence will last until it leaves it's shadow after the 18th of September. Should I decide to stop eating now? Everybody knows that making a solid decision on a Mercury retro isn't a good idea, but if I wait until the end of the month to get on the diet wagon I might begin to resemble a balloon and who knows, I might even reach that point of no return where a person just gives up and gives into being ugh, well fat. Oh no! This will not do and here is where astrology rules must be thrown out the window for sure. I will just have to stop and put the breaks on now before the those staples I mentioned earlier will end up in my stomach...the ultimate way to put the breaks on eating. Nah, I think that would be an awful alternative so I'll just start all over counting my calorie intake and deal with the next retrograde when I fall off the wagon yet again.

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