Monday, August 9, 2010

New Moon Today: Start Making Plans

In honor of today's New Moon use it as an opportunity to begin the new project or to target a long time goal you are striving to achieve. You should think of yourself as a gardener who is fertilizing and preparing the soil in order to bring forth an abundant crop. The seeds you plant now contain your vision. Taking the necessary actions now will pave your way to a blooming success.

Financial matters are being effected by a planetary war zone of energies with natures all contrary to one another. I'm no financial analyst but I'm sure Wall Street is behaving like the Cyclone in Coney Island with the breaks on. Risk taking won't feel like a whole lot of fun right now.

Neptune in today's solar seventh house is a warning for all of us to be wary of strangers promising something for nothing.

Of all the planets in the heavens I think I hate Neptune the most. If you are feeling listless, directionless and ready to join an ashram, chances are Neptune is in the vicinity. When Neptune puts up his pup tent in your backyard you will find that energizer drinks like Red Bull will have zero impact. In fact even hard core exercise junkies will be left wondering what made them sign up for that gym membership in the first place.

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