Friday, July 30, 2010

Void of Course Moon Today

As you all know, due to family responsibilities I have been unable to give as much time to my blog as I would have liked. I am happy to announce that my responsibilities here in sunny Florida have been fulfilled and as of August 5th I will be able to dedicate more time to blogging when I get back to my home town of NYC.

2010 has been a demanding year for me in many ways but it has not been without it's rewards. The rewards I am referring to are not the kind that can be seen with the naked eye. These rewards are more of the soul development kind ... the kind I count as karmic blessings.

So with my work here complete I shall return on August 5th for your reading pleasure. Thank you all for your patience during my many absences. Until my return I wish you bushels of sun filled days and lots of easy astrological aspects as well as a few words of caution about today's Void of Course Moon.

Don't bother worrying about your project that was late getting started today. Save it until Monday after 4:13AM when the Moon is not in a void period. Anything started on a Void of Course Moon won't amount to anything anyway. Take the Void period as a sign from the heavens that you should tweak your project to perfection...and when the Void of Course period is over your project will make a successful impact instead of a insignificant fizzle.

Take this period to reassess your intentions and go over details that may have been overlooked before giving it the final okay. In order to find the calendar dates for the Void of Course Moon periods go to

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