Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goodbye Uranus in Pisces Hello Uranus in Aries

Just like human beings the transiting planets in the heavens have a job to do. The longer a planet stays in one sign the more we become aware of what that job actually is. The outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move very slowly. It is because of their slow orbits that we mortals experience them as either unwelcome visitors or as interesting characters whose temporary visits open up an entirely new way of seeing the world.

Astrology blogs are bursting with all sorts of predictions from planetary ascension and spiritual alignment with the cosmos to total world collapse. Granted from an astrologers point of view it doesn't look very pretty but I take a more Zen like approach to the world at large an try and stay in the moment. Right now my moment is looking at the fact that Uranus is in the sign of Aries until the 15th of the month that is and then it will retrograde and go backwards into Pisces until March 2011.

Since I am taking this stay in the moment approach let's take a look at what Uranus in Aries gave us a preview of when it first entered Aries in June. April 2010 gave us the most horrible oil spill in the United State's history. By early June Uranus the planet of innovation and change entered the sign of Aries and gave a loud and clear message to to the world at large that we would have to rethink doing things the same old way if we wanted to make progress as a nation. Instead of progress for profit perhaps the powers that be finally got the message that progress must mean utilizing pioneering approaches for the matters at hand instead of relying on outdated modes of doing things. I mean really...when did the idea of drilling for oil in the ocean seemed like a good idea?

Uranus in Aries is the absolutely right time to procure men of science who are ahead of their time. I think it's time to recruit minds like Dr. Emmet Brown played by Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future. At least he got Marty back home. As Uranus retros back into Pisces to finish it's last ditch effort to pitch it's now outdated and mismanaged innovations like deep water drilling, fish farming and the like, Uranus in Aries may just be able to provide even more promising solutions for a planet in crisis.


Diane L said...

I like your Zen approach very much and am attempting to keep my own focus just in front of my nose. :-D


Yes we must fortify ourselves during such challenging aspects.
These planets are making me feel like I'm in a crowded subway car...and it's a local...not an express.
Many thanks and much appreciation for your comment. :-)