Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neptune: Welcome to La La Land

Neptune is still in the late degrees of Aquarius. This will have significance for you if your horoscope contains any planets located in fixed signs or fixed signs on the midheaven or the ascendant that are in the late degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Planetary midpoints in any of these fixed signs will also be affected by Neptune's nebulous and mistifying energy.

The degrees to watch are between 28 and 29 degrees. Neptune is still causing confusion in these signs making people who are affected by it to feel disconnected and without direction. Of course all depends on where Neptune is and what it is activating. Neptune on a person's Sun can cause physical weakness, inability to focus on one's purpose, as well as a fascination for escapist activities. Neptune on a person's Moon may bring up confusing issues about motherhood or women may begin to question their femininity. Neptune on Mars can cause a person to drift off into sexual fantasies or feel sexually disinterested. Neptune on the ascendant will make a person unaware of how he or she is perceived by others.

In short one long transit of Neptune can turn a healthy active person into Rip Van Winkle almost overnight or a level headed person into a total idiot . I have made a list of some common Neptune symptoms below. If you can identify with more than six of these statements please consider one or more of the possible remedies from the Neptune Cures list below.
  1. You are dating a drug addict and an alcoholic
  2. You are considering marrying both of them
  3. You have a mysterious rash no doctor can cure
  4. You feel invisible
  5. You want to be an actor, musician, rock and roll singer, nun or a priest.
  6. You fall asleep...anywhere.
  7. You find yourself lying...all the time.
  8. That new fragrance you bought makes it twelve.
  9. You have just become a victim of identity theft.
  1. Before you make any decision at all ask your best friend the attorney.
  2. Pray instead of drink.
  3. Pray instead of smoke.
  4. Meditate before you do anything.
  5. Just dreaming it doesn't make it happen.
  6. Focus, focus, focus.
  7. Write everything down.
  8. If it walks like a duck etc etc.
  9. Always check their references.
  10. Don't listen to gossip.

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