Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fire Trines Can Be Fun

As you all must have figured out by now it has been impossible for me to keep to a schedule. Naturally I want this to be a live blog and not one that languishes in a perpetual state of inactivity like some spaced out stoner. I have to admit it's been a difficult job coming back to the accelerated vibrations of New York after being on an island paradise for a year where the loudest noise is the sound of the incoming and outgoing tide.

So much for excuses. Given all the impossible planetary configurations it's nice to see that the approaching Moon in Sagittarius is galloping towards a tight trine to the fun loving Leo Sun. What this means is that we can take a few short hours to vacation away from our anxiety and fears. This is a time that without any hard work we have the ability to rearrange our perceptions about matters at hand. It's a time when you will be able to see possible solutions where before there were none without any effort on your part. So quick jump on board and take the train to Solutionville where all the passengers have a smile on their face. Just don't try to squeeze in the solution all in one day because on Friday Mercury is turning retrograde to remind us that we should wait until after September 12th to finalize the big idea.

Mercury in Virgo is a reminder to focus on the details because if we don't an important but overlooked detail will come back to bite you. I'll be back tomorrow, or the next day to share more planet news.

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