Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Leo

Things are really looking up for you kings and queens of the zodiac. Hard work and discipline will be as easy as breathing for you now with the planet Saturn acting as your best buddy and bodyguard traveling in the compatible sign of accommodating Libra.

Let's face it, every human being on earth has their bad days but Leo's will be able to be more patient on them than some of the other signs thanks to the positive influence of mature and stable Saturn. Leo's born on the 23rd and 24th of July will be come infused with just the right amount of courage necessary to take that first step toward a new and exciting project. The excitement will wear off by August 15th, but have no March 2011 the world will finally recognize your brilliance making it all worth the wait.

Optimism will be the operative word for your noble sign but will be put on hold until the 9th of September when Jupiter decides to go back into the sign of Pisces to finish the job he started which was a promise to provide the underprivileged. This looks like good news for the unemployed. This promise will be finally be on the road to completion by the last week of January 2011 and finally Jupiter the most generous and optimistic planet in the heavens will provide you with what you need before he bestows his new sack of goodies onto Taureans by the first week of June 2011.

Your planets are positioned to help you succeed so it shouldn't be hard to stay focused on your plan for success as Jupiter completes his transit.

Have a great weekend!

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